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SATCOM Surroundings
InfoBeam Part I, Information & News, by the Editors
News and Products of Note for SATCOM
InfoBeam Part II, Information & News, by the Editors
News and Products of Note for SATCOM
The Forrester Report: Challenges ahead for SES... inevitable, By Chris Forrester, Senior Contributor
While many industry commentators expressed shock and surprise at the departure of SES CEO Karim Michel Sabbagh which becomes effective April 5, this has been seen as rather inevitable as the company is under such extreme market pressure and swimming against industry-wide concerns as to future prospects.
Innovation: Solid State Amplifier with 21st Century Technology—A CPI Satcom Products Focus, By Douglas Slaton, Marketing Products Manager, and Mike Cascone, VP Technology, CPI SMP Division Satcom Products Group
The rapidly increasing use of gallium nitride (GaN) technology to power solid state amplifiers is well known in the market. This article discusses why the change is occurring and whether there is a place for the older gallium arsenide (GaAs)-based amplifiers.
Improving Space Systems Designs Using FPGAs with RISC-V Cores—A Microsemi Tech Focus, By Ted Marena, Director of Marketing, FPGA/SoC Marketing, and Ken O’Neill, Director of Marketing, Space and Aviation, Microsemi Corporation
Designers face many unique challenges when developing systems used in space that do not exist for terrestrial systems.
Flawless Broadcast Delivery to FPAs on Moving Vehicles—KenCast Innovative Input, By William Steele, President, KenCast
Emerging LEO and MEO constellations are poised to bring high-throughput and low-latency connectivity to moving vehicles around the world.
Grasping the On Orbit Servicing Opportunity—An NSR Report, By Carolyn Belle, NSR Analyst, USA
As the space industry looks toward a future built on diverse and resilient architectures, rapidly evolving demand, fast technology development, and multifaceted economic activity in-orbit and beyond, servicing spacecraft is a key capability to bring along for the ride.
Revolutionizing the Use of LEO Satellites and Drones—A GateHouse Perspective, SB-SAT technology could spread massively to LEO satellites
SB-SAT technology is still at its early stages of adoption and could spread massively to LEO satellites — the technology could also find widespread applications in military-grade drones.
Training 12,000 Employees Via the Cloud—A GLOBECOMM case in point, By Paul Scardino, Senior Vice President, Sales Operations/Engineering & Marketing GLOBECOMM
The challenge — to replace a legacy satellite distance learning platform with a state-of-the-art system that would make training content available anywhere at any time, mix live and pre-recorded content in an easy-to-navigate format and deliver significant cost savings.
A Conversation With...Rob Alexander, Executive Director, International Institute of Space Commerce (IISC)
Insight: Recruiting Advice for the Satellite Industry, By Ian Stammers, Founder and Managing Director, Satellite Talent
Satellite companies of all sizes have contributed to an improving global economy, with unemployment at record lows.
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