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May 2022 Edition
Satellite Innovation, Tomorrow's Technologies, Funding Strategies, New Markets, On-Orbit Servicing, Debris Removal
InfoBeam I, L3Harris • Rocket Lab • Huntington Ingalls • ORBCOMM • Lonestar • Kratos
News and information curated by the editors
InfoBeam II, Septentrio • New Space India Limited • Bryce Tech • Inmarsat Gov • Astrobotic • Synspective
News and information curated by the editors
InfoBeam III, Microsoft, SES + Nokia • HawkEye 360 • Satcube • Planet • MeluXina Supercomputer • Edgybees
News and information curated by the editors
InfoBeam IV, Dragon Capsule Splashdown • 4 Mission To The ISS • Cosmic Shielding Corp. • Prométhée • RUAG Space > Beyond Gravity • Future Space Leaders
News and information curated by the editors
How Satellite Serves People From Another Time, Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI)
The internet helped to build a better future for the Q’eros.
A Conversation With Akifumi Surmiya, Vice President, Synspective
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The Rise Of Optical Comms Capabilities, BIS Research
the New Space market is currently witnessing the entry of multiple, optical communication solution providers aiming to enable high throughput on an on- demand basis.
The Forrester Report: Intelsat Issues Their C-band Transition Update, Chris Forrester, Senior Columnist
The Intelsat satellite replacement plan is focused on the ten station-kept Galaxy satellites that contain C-band payloads in the North American arc.
Focus: Andy Jassy, CEO, Amazon, A Letter to Shareholders
We’re divinely discontented with customer experiences
How The Internet Of Things (IoT) + Satellite Technology Will Revolutionize Asset Management, Dave Haight, Vice President of IoT, Globalstar
An IoT device is only useful so long as it maintains an internet connection. In remote areas, satellite networks are often the only surefire way to keep track of valuable assets.
Flying An Interstellar Telescope, Raytheon Intelligence & Space
Operated by ground controls from Raytheon Intelligence & Space (RI&S), the telescope is peering at the first stars and galaxies in the universe
A Conversation With — Paul Van Gelder, Vice President of Technology Programs Management, SES
Paul Van Gelder discussed what makes SES-17 the single most capable satellite SES has ever brought to market.
Why Space Domain Awareness Must Be Prioritized Now, Pascal Wauthier, Chairman & Executive Director, Space Data Association
Space traffic management is a must for space sustainability.
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