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BEAM — Intro
The Editors...

masthead feb10 This past year has been rather “interesting” for the U.S. satellite industry. While some companies have faired extremely well, others have felt enormous pressures descend upon them as global competition works its will upon the various SATCOM segments — most specifically the satellite manufacturing and launch markets — to say nothing of the decrease in capital spending across the globe.

We are not in the business of prognostication. We present fact and opinion — however, from all of our various contacts and analysis of accounts from within the industry, 2010 seems ready to offer far more in the way of positive, rather than a negative, business outlook for the U.S. satellite industry. Some of these observations are based upon the following facts...
  • New technologies and ideas abound
  • New companies are arriving on scene with strong financial bases and talent
  • New thoughts and tactics are being employed to reduce costs
  • Companies are testing and entering new market segments, resulting in growth
  • Cooperation between competitors enables all to profit from shared resources
  • Increasing global competition for the U.S. satellite market is forcing a re-evaluation of business strategies to ensure prime supplier positioning

We’ll be with you to highlight the pathways into 2010. Happy days are here again?
Perhaps so, with cooperation comes... innovation through motivation!
The Editors

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