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Editor's Notes

The National Association of Broadcasters event, otherwise known as NAB, will find those involved in the digital environs flocking to Las Vegas from April 14th through April 17th… by the thousands! Try to find a room now? Not an easy task… this is THE show for those involved in the broadcast and media industry.

The NAB trade association operates as an advocate for some 8,300 broadcasters in the free, local radio and television stations and also broadcast networks before the FCC, Congress, and the courts. They also offer a number of valuable resources to members, as well.

The cross pollination between the satcom industry and the content delivery environs continues to increase, substantially. Approximately 60 percent of the editorial news and information we receive for SatMagazine and SatNews daily is also on topic for our new publication, digiGO! The Digital World. Content streaming is the hot topic for television, radio, the web, and wireless. One needs several pairs of shoes to completely cover everything of interest at NAB, plus an unlimited supply of energy. Preparation of you schedule is a mandatory exercise if you wish to be productive.

In planning for the exhibition, I found it necessary to frequent a highly effective directory… you know, many times in our daily work, we forget about the local resources within our own firms. Such is the case with the intensively packed info in the SatNews International Satellite Directory. This is an amazing compilation and is now in its 23rd year of publication, thanks to the hard work of Silvano Payne and his talented associates.

In example, I needed information on companies involved in the satellite side of broadcasting, that being content distribution and delivery. I did not relish the thought of having to pour through website after website, searching various terms and phrases in an attempt to locate all of companies in our industry that are involved in this endeavor. Lo and behold, the solution lay at my feet! The Directory!

Sure enough, page 6, a complete listing of the coverage in each of the index’ two volumes. There, in Volume 2, Chapter 6Tab 6Providers and Users of Satellite Services with a breakdown of each viable company involved in transmission services, transponder brokers, distributors of satellite hardware, satellite programming, direct to home satellite services, broadcasters (radio & TV), and educational and religious users. Then into Volume 2, Chapter 6, which offered every tidbit of info I needed to prepare myself for NAB as well as additional content…184 pages of superb information covering the entire globe!

Are you always told to “think outside the box?” In my opinion, it’s better to “think inside the book.”

Hartley Lesser Editorial Director, SatNews Publishers