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A Case In Point: Wireless Remote Monitoring
World Class, Reliable, Wireless Remote Monitoring

The challenge is to deliver a real-time, reliable wireless monitoring solution, while reducing the expenses associated with using traditional, auto-dialers to mitigate risk to wastewater management companies.

The solution encompassed M2M Data Corporation’s Aquavx wireless remote-monitoring solution, powered by the KORE network for superior coverage, data speeds and connectivity.

By deploying this cellular-based monitoring solution, East Richland County in South Carolina achieved real-time access to data, ensuring waste water systems are operating properly; obtained more detailed information than available using traditional landline-based auto-dialing systems; garnered increased efficiency and lower costs; and obtained greater early warning detec tion capabilities.

CIPFig1 The capital and operational expenses associated with implementing a full SCADA solution can be prohibitively high — and for small- to mid-size municipalities, the costs of SCADA may outweigh the benefits. Aquavx, an advanced remote monitoring solution from M2M Data Corporation, was designed as a cost-effective solution removing primary capital expenditures including the buildout of a private radio network, software licenses for the polling server and HMI, and consulting services to configure the software for specific applications.

Jack Morin, assistant supervisor for East Richland County in South Carolina, determined that the water utility should use Aquavx to monitor its lift stations. Aquavx provides SCADA functionality at roughly the same monthly cost as the utility’s existing auto-dialer using traditional landlines and at a fraction of the initial capital expenditure. It elevates East Richland’s operations to the next level of efficiency and security.

By using a wireless monitoring system to remotely obtain data, waste water management municipalities are able to prioritize and disperse crews on an as-needed basis, enabling personnel to visit only the equipment/stations needing attention, while leaving normally-operating sites alone. This automation and wireless connectivity gives them the ability to remotely monitor the health and security of their tanks and wells in real-time.

CIPFig2 Solution Overview
Aquavx is a flexible, efficient, wireless SCADA alternative that can be implemented for virtually the same cost as a traditional auto-dialing solution. Aquavx monitors dispersed water and wastewater asset sites, such as tanks, wells, lift stations and sanitation plants — with absolute precision and streamlines operations with significantly fewer resources.

Installing advanced remote monitoring devices ensures the right data is delivered at the right time to the people who need it — providing a local user interface in the field, and promising “handshake” reliability when it comes to two-way delivery confirmation over the KORE cellular network.

As a web-based solution, East Richland’s advanced remote monitoring software is hosted remotely on Aquavx’s servers, so there’s no software to install or maintain. East Richland’s SCADA controlled assets are only as far away as the nearest Internet connection and data from the field is transmitted via the cellular network in real-time. Plus, the Aquavx hardware systems deployed in the field are easy to access, use, and upgrade.

Key Results
Advanced remote monitoring offers 90 percent of the SCADA analytical capabilities at a fraction of the cost. By leveraging the KORE Network, Aquavx — which is built on 35 years of combined experience in the water/wastewater industry and hosted communications/monitoring technology market — reliably and securely delivers critical information to East Richland County in real-time.

“The benefits we’re getting from advanced wireless remote monitoring at about the same monthly cost as traditional landline solutions easily make up for any upfront expenditures”, said Morin. “With Aquavx and KORE, we have so much more than the simple alarm-dialers we were using. Now, in real-time, we have information we can use to streamline our pump operations before sending someone to the site.”

CIpFig3 East Richland receives instant notification of high wet-well alarms from its lift stations, which helps to prevent spills that lead to costly EPA fines. The aggregation of their data makes it easier to perform regulatory filings and reports, as well as aids with planning for the future needs of the system. By receiving more detailed information than the traditional auto dialer options, East Richland can more quickly and accurately respond to the data they receive. Perhaps the most impressive result comes simply by the fact that they were able to increase overall efficiency while at the same time reducing risk and operating costs.

About Aquavx
Aquavx is the advanced remote monitoring solution for water and wastewater utilities and operators. Offered at the cost of an auto-dialer, Aquavx is a SCADA alternative that enables customers to accurately monitor and control their equipment and streamline operations with increasingly fewer resources. Through a partnership between Antx and M2M Data Corporation, Aquavx is built on 35 years of combined experience in the water/wastewater industry and hosted communications and monitoring technology market. Unmatched in its service features and the added value it brings to customers, Aquavx is the trusted brand in water asset management services. For more information, visit www.aquavx.com.

About KORE Telematics
KORE Telematics is the world’s largest wireless network provider focused exclusively on the machine-to-machine (M2M) communications market. Companies in virtually every industry are implementing M2M solutions to achieve productivity gains, cost management, environmental improvement, and to expand customer services. KORE delivers GSM and CDMA services to ensure the greatest possible reliability and coverage as well as valuable tools that enable our customers to effectively manage their daily operations. To learn more about what KORE can do for your M2M business needs, please visit www.koretelematics.com.