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Focus On Asia­–Pacific
A Roundtable Discussion with Company Leaders on the Asia-Pacific Market

According to leading research firm Futron Corporation — who prepared an outstanding Space Foundation Space Report 2011 (an executive summary of which appears later in this issue) — 105 satellites were launched during 2010, bringing in approximately $10.55 billion in revenue. Companies are working diligently to offer SatCom and launch services to an increasingly hungry Asia-Pacific customer base. From satellite broadcasting to Earth Observation to navigation to government and military needs, this market segment is not only viable, but one that represents a great deal of growth potential for those involved in this segment.

IGC_snipe_SM0611 As far as estimated spending is concerned, one needs but to view Exhibit 21 in The Space Report to see that Asian-Pacific government budgets were impressive in the billions of dollars: China = $2.24, India = $1.25, Japan = $3.3, Korea = $0.21. A number of emerging nations in the Asia-Pacific region are also committing substantial dollars to spatial involvement, which requires a major slice of their GNP — these countries include Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand, to name but five.

This issue of SatMagazine focuses on this active market through a variety of interviews with company leaders as well as examining some of the ongoing projects and challenges presented by the Asia-Pacific market.