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Beam... Supporting The Future Of The Industry
author: Louis Zacharilla, Director, SSPI

sspi_g1_sm1010 If you’re reading this editorial, hopefully you are already a “friend” of SSPI. For that I thank you. I’d like to specifically address those who support SSPI in various ways, but have not yet joined our corporate sponsorship program.

SSPI is dedicated to two primary objectives and our corporate sponsorship program enables both of them. The first objective is to bring together satellite professionals for the purpose of enriching their careers and ensuring their professional development. What this means is that whether you are a broadcast industry executive, an engineer at one of the world’s great satellite operators, a woman with a satellite services company, or a man whose daily activities are as a lawyer serving the industry, you share a common bond. You are a satellite professional.You are part of a small, but powerful industry that enables an enormous degree of economic activity, security, and social good. You have a career which many believe borders on a vocation. SSPI connects all of you and offers conferences, events, social network platforms, mentoring, scholarships and collegiality to enhance your career.

To keep the industry “together” requires support. In exchange for your support, SSPI also provides support — such allows you to do the one thing that is essential in any business: to build trust among colleagues through ongoing visibility and contact.

sspi_g2_sm1010 SSPI’s second objective is to expand the markets for satellite related services. This activity needs little explanation, but it does require patient money. However, as those who support us and upgrade their support each year know, without customers, there is no point to business.

Peter Drucker said this more than 60 years ago and it remains a core fact today. Without markets, or with markets that are in decline, competition becomes a desperate, zero-sum game. With expanding markets, opportunities emerge, innovation persists, and capital flows. Expanding markets are virtuous and in their wake the satellite community becomes more secure and attracts needed talent. SSPI continues to support the industry by expanding awareness of the satellite option to new industries.

03b ad sm apr10 For nearly three decades, SSPI has been working for the industry and the talented professionals that make up this industry. We’ve been able to build resources and opportunities for the men and women who work in satellite industry and for those young individuals who are interested in joining our industry.

Companies of all sizes and in all niches of the industry support SSPI. Why? Because they know that keeping professionals connected and developing new business and market opportunities is something they can’t necessary do on an individual basis. But that’s what we do best. SSPI is the channel to market, to the future, and to better things through satellite technology and services.

Consider becoming one of our nearly 70 corporate sponsors for 2011. I hope that if you are a sponsor you will increase yur support, attend the Gala in Washington or one of our other events, and continue to support our future leaders program, our publications, and our social media platforms.

I am asking you, before our prices increase, to test the water. I suspect that you, too, will become one of our regulars. I look forward to hearing from you.

Louis Zacharilla

For more info — http://www.sspi.org/