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Earth Observation and Advanced Technologies...
Launch-O-Rama: A Flight Of Four (O3b Networks), These satellites are the latest addition to the company’s Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) constellation
O3b Network’s additional four satellites for their constellation were successfully launched from the European Space Center in French Guiana. Arianespace launched the satellites into a circular orbit at an altitude of 8062km.
Launch-O-Rama: Delivering A Dummy, The light-lift Angara-1.2ML with a mock payload on board lifted off from the Angara multi-purpose launch pad and delivered a dummy satellite to the designated landing site.
The Angara-1.2ML (Maiden Launch) integrated launch vehicle (ILV) was successfully launched by the Russian Ministry of Defense from the State Testing Cosmodrome (Plesetsk Cosmodrome) in the Archangelsk Region of Northern Russia on July 9, 2014.
Launch-O-Rama: TechDemoSat-1 On Orbit, The spacecraft carries eight separate payloads from UK academia and industry, providing valuable in-orbit validation for new technologies.
Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) has successfully launched their TechDemoSat-1, an in-orbit technology demonstration mission designed and implemented for innovative UK spacecraft equipment and software.
Launch-O-Rama: Student Developed LUCIDity Aboard TechDemoSat-1, Hundreds of schools across the United Kingdom will play a hands-on role analyzing vital ‘space weather’ data sent back to Earth by TechDemoSat-1.
A cosmic ray detector designed by sixth form students from the UK blasted off into orbit overnight aboard Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.’s TechDemoSat-1.
Launch-O-Rama: NASA’s OCO-2, OCO-2 is NASA’s first spacecraft dedicated to studying atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), the most significant human-produced greenhouse gas and the principal, human-produced driver of climate change.
A United Launch Alliance Delta II 7320-10 launch vehicle delivered the Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2) satellite to a 370-nmi (686km) near-circular orbit on July 2, 2014. Liftoff occurred from Space Launch Complex 2W at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.
Launch-O-Rama: Flinging Six Into Orbit + Deeper Looks..., The primary payload is the Meteor M2, one of four Russian meteorological satellites the country hopes to orbit no later than 2015.
A Russian Soyuz-2.1b launch vehicle, coupled with a Fregat upper stage and carrying a Meteor-M meteorological satellite and additional secondary payload smallsats, was successfully launched on July 8th at 15:58 GMT from the Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan, according to Roscosmos.
The TRUTHS About Climate Change, By Dr. Nigel Fox, the National Physical Laboratory, UK
The Earth’s climate is undoubtedly changing, but the rate of change and the implications are unclear. The reason is that measuring climate parameters is a tough job.
An Historic Look @ The Mission To Planet Earth Program, By Jos Heyman, Senior Contributor
The Earth Observing System (EOS) was the principal element of NASA’s Mission to Planet Earth (MTPE) program that can be traced back to the 1960s when the study of Earth was considered an appropriate effort for the international community.
Space Is Going Commercial, By Yossi Avraham, Senior Product Marketing Manager, ORBIT
You’ve just landed in Paris, grabbed your rental car and are ready to drive to Provence for your long-awaited holiday. You enter the address of the bed-and-breakfast you reserved into the car’s GPS and you’re on your way. What could be simpler? 
Executive Spotlight, Awaes Jaswal, CEO, ViewSat
Mr. Jaswal founded ViewSat in 2006 and has built ViewSat’s customer base to more than 170 channels which are supported by a dedicated satellite and fiber network. ViewSat recently received an award in the Best Satellite Services category at the Digital Studio Awards and the company has been recognized for rapid growth and targeted industry expansion. 
The Changing Face Of Teleports, Moving from a teleport operator to a satellite operator creates a unique position for NewSat in the market.
Teleports play an essential role within the satellite communications supply chain. Providing and managing services delivered, teleports are a satellite gateway with a variety of designs and network configurations.
Full Steam Ahead For EO Differentiation, By Stéphane Gounari, Senior Analyst, NSR Ireland
Google’s acquisition of SkyBox Imaging and the recent softening of the U.S.’s shutter-control regulations down to 25cm are two faces of the same coin. As more commercial companies provide sub-meter imagery, competition focuses on cost, thereby bringing profit margins down. To escape this low-profit scenario, Earth Observation (EO) companies need to differentiate themselves and create their own niche.
Thuraya — Not Your Father’s Satellite Company, By Randy Roberts, Vice President of Innovation, Thuraya
The rise of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) over the past few years has significantly transformed the world of mobile telecommunications.  Whether it is a business executive accessing the office networks while on the move, or an offshore crew member using a smartphone and tablet to communicate, today’s connected consumers demand the flexibility of using their personal devices.
Careers: The Age Factor—Are You Too “Old?”, By Bert Sadtler, Senior Contributor
Are you old? While such an inquiry may certainly not be appropriate in our modern society, this is definitely a relevant question in today’s workplace. Upon further consideration, is “old” as relevant as it has been in past years?
Understanding Your Source-Sink Solutions For Satellite Power Testing, By Ed Brorein, Agilent Technologies
Satellites—those man-made objects that orbit the Earth—have a variety of different uses, from broadcast entertainment and telephone communication to weather prediction and navigation services.
Event: The NAB Shaping Of CCW+SATCON, Following the purchase of the two co-located events by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), SATCON is attracting key players and conference sessions for the 13th consecutive year.
The 2014 CCW+SATCON conference and expo, taking place November 12th through 13th in New York, is shaping up to be the most important fall event for the satellite industry in the US. 
SATCOM For Railways, By Sunil Gupta, Senior Product Director, International Network Products Division, Hughes Network Systems
Rail travel has been an essential mode of transportation for centuries. Today, rail offers a distinct advantage over often congested air or automobile travel. Rail is a relaxing mode of travel that affords more leisure time which can be used for a myriad of purposes. Travelers today welcome that extra time to catch up on reading or emails at their leisure, surf the Web, or do other tasks that require high-speed Internet or Virtual Private Network (VPN) access. The foundation of all these activities is broadband connectivity.
Futron’s 2014 Space Competitive Index, An Executive Summary
Nearly 60 years after Sputnik, we live in a world transformed by space. Communications satellites link the globe, providing information and connectivity to hundreds of millions of people instantly. The weather forecast that determines our weekend trip, the electronic map that plans our route, and the global positioning system that guides us along the way are all enabled by spacecraft orbiting overhead. Beyond these practical applications, space activity has greatly enlarged our understanding of the universe. By reaching beyond Earth, humanity has traced its own origin story back to the cosmos.
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