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September 2023 Edition
European Markets, Teleports/Ground Stations, SatlP/SatOTT, Streaming, Broadband, GPS/GNSS/Beidou, HAPS, UAV/RPA/AUVs, Maritime, Airborne
The Forrester Report #1: SES: Much More Cash To Come From C-Band, Chris Forrester, Senior Columnist
However, tech problems with mPOWER
The Forrester Report #2: Ariane 5 ends... but where is Ariane 6?, Chris Forrester, Senior Contributore
The July 4 launch was the last for the Ariane 5 rocket.
LEO Satellites Orbit Estimations Using Precise Point Positioning, James Bartle, Business Development + Commercialization, Fugro SpaceStar
High accuracy GNSS positioning in real-time onboard LEO satellites.
Bridging the Gap, Alastair MacLeod, Chief Executive Officer, Ground Control
IoT devices must be able to communicate with each other and other systems.
Digital Twins In Action—How government can take flight in the virtual world, Greg Porter, Senior Systems Architect, Sev1Tech
Agencies from the Department of Defense (DoD) to DOE and beyond, build, deploy and manage some of the most expensive and complex vehicles, machinery and equipment on the planet.
The Key To Delivering Change In Maritime Decarbonization Is... Collaboration, Inmarsat Maritime
Inmarsat’s Shaping Connected  Future Seminar
Dynamic Predictive Routing For LEO SATCOM Networks, Rob Hunter, SATCOMs Consultant, CGI UK
Cost and performance will be key to achieving market share.
Enhancing Satellite Data With SDRs In Ground Stations, Brandon Malatest, Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder, Per Vices
Software-Defined Radios (SDRs) offer a game-changing solution by providing capabilities for high bandwidth and high channel count reception in ground stations.
An Alternative Software Development Approach For Evolving + Complex Space Systems, Dr. Peter Mendham, Chief Executive Officer, Bright Ascension
Promises to revolutionize the software development
Satellite-Based Earth Observation System Analysis and Trends, Lalit Katare, market research consultant, Allied Market Research
The growth of EO systems has been propelled due to a surge in demand for big data technology.
5G New Radio NTN, Thorleif Astrup Hallund, Senior Business Development Director, Gatehouse Satcom
5G NR defines how compatible devices, such as smartphones, IoT-devices and gateways, connect to 5G NR network.
Evolving Connectivity At Sea, Kirstie Williams, Regional Head of Development, GTMaritime
Advances in maritime digitalization and satellite connectivity have brought the maritime industry access to higher bandwidths.
GTMaritime Update, Phishing penetration test measures crew vigilance
Hackers are constantly trying to come up with new ruses to outwit software-based protections.