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July 2023 Edition
Small Satellites (SmallSats), Tomorrow's SmallSat Technologies, Funding Strategies, New Markets, On-Orbit Servicing, Debris Removal
The Forrester Report: Elon Musk’s SpaceX: A Multi-Billion $$$ Business, Chris Forrester, Senior Contributor
SpaceX, it might be justifiably argued, is already a glorious business.
Executive Spotlight: Clint Crosier, Director of AWS Aerospace and Satellite
He leads a global team that is dedicated to working alongside commercial and government space customers.
6G and Small Satellites: The Future of Communications is in the Making, Ignacio Chechile, Chief Technical Officer, ReOrbit
How Can Space Augment 6G?
How Drones Are Shaking Up The LEO Ground Segment For OneWeb, Joakim Espeland
QuadSAT’s drone-based system provides users with flexible and accurate antenna testing and calibration.
Decoding The New Digital Ground — From buzzwords to building blocks for a new future, Stuart Daughtridge, Vice President of Advanced Technology, Kratos
 Software-defined satellites and proliferated constellations are now driving change throughout the ground.
Focus: HawkEye 360 Innovative approaches to space-based RF data collection, Glenn Richardson, Senior Director of Space Coordination, and, Kaitlin Zimmerman, Chief Data Scientist
HawkEye 360 became the first commercial  company to use a cluster of smallsats in Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO)
The Need For Enhanced Best Practices + “Rules of the Road” In Space, Dan Oltrogge Founder + Administrator of the Space Coalition and Chief Scientist of COMSPOC
Newer, commercial space situational awareness SSA technologies can drastically improve space safety. 
Reduce Satellite Manufacturing Costs, Kevin P. Corbley
Flex Production gives our New Space clients the best of the competitive financial requirements of their commercial business models,
How To Select The Correct Telecom Partner, Vish Vishwanathan, Vice President of Satellite and Wholesale, Telstra, Americas
Look for a partner with a proven track record in deploying and maintaining satellite ground infrastructure. 
New Market Opportunities For Satellite Players, Bee Hayes-Thakore, Vice President of Marketing, Kigen + Board Director @ The Planetary Society
Standardization around 5G specifications is creating a foundation for satellite integration  into mainstream telecommunication networks.
Focus: STAR VIBE The Mission, Maciej Kupras, Aerospace Engineer
the Small Telescope for Advanced Reconnaissance and the Vision Inspection Boom Experiment
Decarbonization Toolkit, Marco Cristoforo Camporale, Senior Director Strategy, Inmarsat Maritime
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set ambitious objectives for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from shipping
Satellite Opens The Way To A Better Life, An SSPI Better Satellite World Feature
Education Is The Key
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