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Imagery, EO, Geospatial, Teleports/Ground Stations, GPS, Commercial Satellite Control
InfoBeam Part I, Information & News by the Editors
News and Products of Note for SATCOM
InfoBeam Part II, Information & News by the Editors
News and Products of Note for SATCOM
Coastal Mapping & Monitoring... An EO Opportunity For The O&G Industry, By Dr. Peter Hausknecht, Chief Scientist, Earth-i
The SS Torrey Canyon is not a name many will remember—in the spring of 1967, this fully laden oil tanker was navigating toward the docks at Milford Haven in South Wales.
An ORBIT Case In Point: New Opportunities For EO, In 2015, Spaceflight wanted to expand its ground station network to New Zealand.
New opportunities for Earth Observation have the potential to affect many aspects of our lives, with applications ranging from weather monitoring to disaster control, space research, oil & gas exploration and defense intelligenc
Reaching Out To The World... The Commercial Value Of The Human Touch, By Anver Anderson, General Manager, STN
With the rate of technological changes throughout our industry, occasionally the human factor can get lost in the noise.
The Internet Of Space, By Genaro Grajeda, Satellite Telecommunications Project Manager, Elara Comunicaciones
As we enter the second half of the decade, we hear more often about how the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we live in several different ways.
Illuminating Global Awareness, By Rakesh Narasimhan, Executive Vice President & General Manager, BlackSky
On August 14, 1959, the Explorer 6 satellite captured the first satellite images of the Earth.
GOES-R... Providing Better Data For Hurricane Protection, By Liam Jackson, Penn State
The launch of the GOES-R geostationary satellite in October of 2016 could herald a new era for predicting hurricanes, according to researchers.
Satellite Imagery Maps The World, By Marie-Pierre Boutin, Sales and Marketing Manager, PlanetObserver
To study the market of commercial versus non-commercial imagery and to then assess the capabilities and assets of each offering is more than just an interesting exercise.
The Challenges Faced By Teleports & Ground Stations, By Andrew Bond, Sales Director, ETL Systems
The consumer growth for satellite services, such as pay TV and Direct to Home (DTH), has increased the pressure from consumers who demand more and bandwidth improvements in signal modulation—this means new satellites are required to ensure current and future customer satisfaction with SATCOM services.
Focus: Designing A Multi-Purpose Satellite Tracking System, By Peter Karabanow, Senior Head of Projects, Hiltron Communications
Hiltron’s strategy as a systems integrator has long been to source from third-party suppliers whenever products and components of high quality and reliability are available on the open market. If these products meet these criteria, then the company internally develops and manufactures the required devices. 
A Big Impact On Satellite Design: Miniature Valves, By Bryan Reid, Director, Business Development, Space Systems, Marotta Controls, Inc.
Miniature satellite valves pack a lot of performance in a small package, yet they are not all created equal.
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