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Selecting Satellites...with Beam Budget
by Alvaro Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer, Integrasys


When service providers are designing their networks, the question that arises is, “which satellite will be the optimum one to achieve the best possible connectivity?”

For this reason, professionals who are in charge of this decision engage in link budget calculations, a process that can last for several days as it is labor intensive. This work can be reduced to just a few moments if smart tools are used, making a more efficient job for procurement, engineering or even sales departments, and for the company itself.

As most satellite industry experts know, the incorrect network design can mean losses of millions of dollars; therefore, decision making is based on highly specific calculations that do not allow for mistakes, especially when discussing satellite selection.

One of the most important steps in this process is the link budget calculation. Understanding this process is complex — Integrasys has aimed for, and now achieves, the simplification of the daily challenges of SATCOM. Innovative tools make this task far easier, more intuitive and available for all forms of profiles.

Integrasys has developed a technology that is applicable to Link Budget calculations called Beam Budget. This new solution helps to speed up this process and also allows for more reliable decisions when a service provider is purchasing capacity, thereby helping to cement into place the best decision for achieving optimum connectivity.

New Concept of Link Budget
Beam Budget is a web-based and simple tool that is used to perform fast and accurate link budget calculations. Beam Budget has an ability to generate hundreds of results through the incorporation of 25 input parameters in just one minute. This tool has a user-friendly interface with an ability to generate extra-ordinary graphic results along with faster analysis results.

Beam Budget provides users with charts and graphics that help them to quickly and easily visualize the relevant results of the link transmission rate and margins, as well as bandwidth and power to be used for the desire availability.

In addition, thanks to Beam Budget, the satellite operator or service provider is able to minimizes the calculation processes through three simple steps, all with flexibility in the selection of coverage area, the ability to save set-ups and the access of a powerful database. Also, it has the possibility of multi-user and multi-tasking capabilities, regardless of the user’s location.

Margin Matters for QoS
Satellite operators and service providers must consider the atmospheric conditions in which the transmission (Tx) and reception (Rx) are involved — those can affect interference, connection losses and many more “challenges”.

Beam Budget is used to ensure this crucial information when making calculations and offers users the knowledge of a guaranteed link margin for each satellite or SATCOM links.

When the user can compare the coverage of two satellites, the decision making is simpler.

The Relevance of Data
Thanks to Beam Budget, a company has the ability to also select the correct BUCs, antennas and modems. This means being able to offer the greatest possible service to customers, optimizing results and improving the customer´s satisfaction and overall experience.

Beam Budget results are provided by the same tool without having to wait for the satellite capacity manager to generate them, minimizing a department’s wait time for results. The most necessary data is offered in a series of graphs, where — at a glance — users can already possess the needed conclusions. In addition to the graphs and data, the user is also given the ability to generate reports in PDF or EXCEL formats, where great detail can be noted, and thousands of exported results.

Another common use case for Beam Budget is for sales representatives who can quote professional and complete customized link budget results, all without the need to wait for this information while engineering assembles the data.

Beam Budget for the iPad.

The sales representatives can save their own scenarios and specific requirements; they can learn and defend the calculations of the link budget of several satellites within a few minutes.

With these data, operators and service providers can compare which satellite offers the best service and satellite capacity procurement can be done in a highly reliable manner in mere minutes.

In Practice
Beam Budget is a tool that helps to streamline the processes of calculating a link budget, as well as provides capacity comparisons in a reliable manner when making purchase orders, contracts, proposals, and quotes with a greater return on investment.

In just a couple of months, Beam Budget has become one of the best seller products Integrasys offers and is taking the market by storm, thanks to the products ease of use and the speedy and accurate report generation.

Integrasys will further innovation in new types of NGSO environments and will provide the most reliable and easy-to-use tools for making satellite easier to use within a more streamlined telco ecosystem.

Alvaro Sanchez is the Integrasys CEO and Marquess of Antella (Noble Title from 17th century in Spain). He is a software and industrial engineer and  possesses a Master Degree in Management, Sales & Marketing, from the ESIC Business School.

During the last 10 years, Alvaro has worked at Integrasys in Management, Sales Director and Executive roles, were he was successful in growing the sales, revenue, profit and responsibilities within the company. Previously, he was working at CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research as an RF Engineer measuring timing in a Nanosecond Synchronization for measuring Neutrino Speed.

The Noble Title that he hosts is derived from his heritage from 1649 from his ancestor Nicolo Palavicino, given by Phillip IV in Sicily for the Antella region near Florence.