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The Bridge to Innovation, Satellite Innovation October 8 through 10, 2019 in Silicon Valley
The highly-acclaimed winner of the preeminent honor in computer science in 2003, Alan Kay, said, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
A Conversation With Dave Rehbehn, Vice President, Global Marketing, Hughes
Dave Rehbehn is responsible for global marketing of Hughes broadband products and services. In this capacity, he develops Hughes market strategy, including product and service offerings, and is responsible for the strategic direction for the Hughes international sales force. Mr. Rehbehn works extensively with end-users and service operators to track market trends, including application and business developments, and their impact on networking solutions. Mr. Rehbehn has more than 26 years of experience in the satellite arena including business development for the Hughes set-top box product family, as well as the Hughes consumer internet service business.
Launching the Next Chapter of Innovation: Supporting government missions through partnerships, By Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, Senior Vice President, Government Strategy and Policy, Inmarsat Government, Inc.

It is extremely encouraging — even inspiring — to take part in this exciting era of innovation and help the U.S. government forge a path to an integrated SATCOM architecture of the future.
The Forrester Report: The “Big Three’ await the FCC decision, By Chris Forrester, Senior Contributor
A positive (or even semi-positive) FCC decision will put billions of extra revenue onto the C-Band Alliances cash-flow.
Selecting Satellites...with Beam Budget, by Alvaro Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer, Integrasys
...operators and service providers can compare which satellite offers the best service and satellite capacity procurement can be done in a highly reliable manner in mere minutes.
A Conversation With Heather Shoffner, Chief Operations Officer, Roccor LLC
Companies have to figure out how to innovate for much less money and in a much faster timeframe. And addressing this supply chain dilemma is at the core of Roccor’s business goals.
IoT + Geosatellites... A Perfect Match, By Mike Parr, Chief Technical Officer, eSAT Global
The concept of applying GEO satellites to IoT-type applications has generated significant interest among the MSS satellite operators.
Skyrora is Sky-High...A New Launcher in Europe, By Dr. Ken MacTaggart
Half a century after Britain’s first successful orbital launch from Australia, Scottish company Skyrora is working to resurrect the UK’s launcher capability from the firm’s headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Geospatial Infrastructure for the XXIst Century: The necessity of adaptation to resilient systems, By Emiliano Kargieman, Chief Executive Officer, Satellogic
The current trends in space technology make it possible for non-spacefaring nations to achieve independence that contributes to strategic national interests, with no capital outlay and no technical or operational risks.
Managing VSAT Networks for Optimum Performance, By Robert Bell, Executive Director, World Teleport Association
If only a few of the LEO systems that are in development come to fruition and remain in service, they will have a profound impact on the industry.
Safely Moving Satellites Before Liftoff, By John Massenburg, President and Chief Executive Officer, AeroGo
A number of aerospace and NASA contractors like Boeing have turned to the same solution — air bearings or air casters — as opposed to other load moving options to assure the safety of their invaluable products.
Focus: Kymeta’s Flat Panel Antenna Technology, The basics of the metamaterial-surface antenna technology (MSAT)
With no moving parts, these antennas can be easily installed on almost any mobile platform, including trains, buses, automobiles, and vessels.
A Conversation With Lee Smith, Business Development Manager, Thermal Insulation, Web Industries
The project engineer’s focus is to get maximum performance from all those components. Only after that’s been optimized is there time to design in the MLI blankets to fit and attach around the satellite’s components.
Smallsat Integration: FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, The FCC Chairman’s remarks at the July 9 U.S. Chamber of Commerce Policy Roundtable
The commercial space sector is growing rapidly. Today, we see reusable rockets, satellites and launch vehicles being miniaturized, and startups popping up all over the country.
The Rise of Plastic Parts in Low Earth Orbit Missions, By Josh Broline and Steve Singer, Renesas Electronics Corporation
These are exciting times for the space industry as we witness the emergence of satellite constellations that are poised to change the economics for a significant portion of the industry. 
Overcoming Challenges to Increase Smallsat Launch Flexibility, By Philip Bracken, Director of Engineering, Spaceflight, Inc.
Standardizing launch services through rideshare integrators provides systems that minimize the risk of spacecraft damage while working to translate all of the needs between satellite and launch vehicle personnel.
Doing Space Differently...How three decades of innovation led to a smallsat revolution, By Andrew Cawthorne, Director of Business Development and Sales, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. (SSTL)
The coming of the Age of the Constellation, combined with this new approach to building a different class of optical instruments, brings the industry one step closer to being able to achieve the Holy Grail of persistent surveillance everywhere (as opposed to anywhere), at a reasonable price.
A Conversation With Michael Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Corporate and Business Development, Telesat
Telesat LEO will enable telcos and satellite service providers to gain a competitive advantage by  providing fiber-quality connectivity everywhere.
Launch-O-Rama, Flights to Orbit: Arianespace + SpaceX
Success once again for Arianespace and for global telecommunications with the launch of the Intelsat 39 and EDRS-C satellites, both deployed to geostationary transfer orbit on the company’s latest flight using a workhorse Ariane 5.
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