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A New Satellite Is En Route & Preparing For Greater Growth A Spacecom Perspective
By Jacob Keret, Senior VP, Marketing and Sales, North America, Europe, Middle East


As IBC2016 draws ever closer, Spacecom and the AMOS brand is generating praise in the Central and Eastern European, African, the Middle Eastern and Asian markets.

Spacecom is serving DTH providers, working with cellular companies, providing governments and their agencies with services and adding more broadband capabilities for ISPs and telecom companies. The AMOS brand is a key element in fueling growth in these markets.

Throughout these markets, the company is engaging customers with solutions that enable them to provide additional services or grow current ones to generate increased revenues and increase their client base, no matter if engaged in broadcast, broadband, data communications and telecom service provisioning by offering a wide range of communication services.

Currently, Spacecom is focused on molding the AMOS brand’s future and the start of AMOS-6’s commercial satellite services later in 2016 that will foster growth of new business development programs. To be co-located at the 4 degrees West orbital position with AMOS-3 (where the satellite will replace AMOS-2), AMOS-6 will be larger than both of those satellites, combined.

Incorporating advanced technologies such as High Throughput Ka-band spot beams (known as HTS), the satellite will enable operators to bring improved broadband Internet access to customers. In fact, AMOS-6’s Ka-band HTS beams have been selected by Facebook and Eutelsat to anchor Facebook’s African Broadband Initiative. Spacecom is at the forefront of a new communications evolution in Africa that will add to the continent’s continued economic advancement—Spacecom’s HTS beams will cover large swaths of Africa as well as significant areas of Europe.

AMOS-6 will also offer 39 Ku-band segments for operators throughout Europe. This Pan European beam will enable customers in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) markets to leverage their businesses into Western Europe, and will enable Western European operators to expand into CEE, as well. With cross-beam and cross-services capabilities, the satellite will serve an important role as a communications carrier between Europe, the Middle East and Africa (MENA).

The new satellite’s position, together with the onboard transmission capabilities, will meet many of the needs of the European communication markets. With novel applications such as UltraHD content or new cellular technologies continually entering the market, AMOS-6 offers the correct technologies to enable service providers to maintain or enhance their competitive advantages.

At the end of the day, Spacecom’s job is to enable clients to increase their business and, by doing so, their revenue base.  Superior team and management skills, as well as the flexibility of the AMOS fleet, ensure the company is always providing a welcome environment for customers and to then help them to move forward to register a positive mark in their markets. 

A new ‘hybrid’ service will combine the best of the company’s satellite services alongside fast Internet data providers to strengthen high speed Internet DSL operations. Spacecom’s ‘DSL Booster’ service provides a satellite supported segment that will bring reliable, high quality broadband Internet to users who may suffer from slow or lower quality Internet access. Working with local providers, operators will be enabled to offer more video sharing services and to allow their customers to use more data heavy applications.

AMOS-6 Ka- spot beams.

The Spacecom fleet also consists of AMOS-4 at 65 degrees East, which covers Africa, Asia and the Middle East, which make Spacecom a multi-regional satellite provider who can offer high-quality broadcast and communication services to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia via direct-to-home (DTH) and direct broadcast satellite (DBS) operators, Internet service providers (ISPs), telecom operators, network integrators and government agencies.

Looking toward the future, the company is ready for the nexgen of satellites, such as AMOS-7 and AMOS-8, with a business focus on how best to realize these spatial assets. Management sees options for organic growth and growth from the outside via joint ventures, partnerships and other deals.

Spacecom will improve their position in Africa and in other, long term and high demand markets. Needed communication capabilities are being brought forward to enable clients to grow and expand their markets with advanced services that will help them maintain their competitive advantages.