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Streamlining Satellite Constellation Filings...and new constellations to multi-orbit environments
Alvaro Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer, INTEGRASYS





In today’s data-driven world, satellite constellations have become indispensable for providing global connectivity and enabling various communication services.

However, the process of obtaining the rights to launch these constellations involves numerous complexities and challenges for satellite operators. With the advent of multi-orbit environments, such as Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) constellations, the need for a comprehensive and user- friendly EPFD (Equivalent Power Flux Density) calculator has never been more critical, both for regulators and constellations as well as investors. According to Euroconsult, an average of 1,700 satellites per year, from 2021 to 2030, ought to be launched. There are a number of difficulties that are faced by satellite operators in obtaining ITU (International Telecommunication Union) authorization.

INTEGRASYS has now introduced a cutting-edge, EPFD calculation software called VeryFiling that streamlines the filing process and ensures compliance with ITU/FCC regulations, and reporting. Some satellites have been launched pror to obtaining the approval and this situation is dangerous and should not happen — a rapid filing process can mitigate launching non-authorized satellites by simplifying this arduous process.

Multi-Orbit Constellations Challenges

Connectivity demand is diverse, different orbits are optimized for different applications; therefore, satellite operators venture into multi-orbit environments to maximize coverage and capacity, they encounter several regulatory hurdles.

One of the primary challenges rests in managing the potential, inter-satellite interference caused between constellations. Calculating the EPFD and ensuring it complies with ITU/FCC standards is a complex task that demands expertise in satellite communication and regulatory guidelines. Traditionally, this process required the involvement of temporary, expert staff, leading to increased costs and longer approval times. Also, regulation compliance is challenging work that requires deep knowledge of the matter and the ability to maneuver through complex programs.

With the addition of multiple satellites operating in varying orbits, efficient frequency coordination becomes crucial in preventing interference between new space and existing systems. Operators must carefully allocate frequency bands and avoid congestion and that requires intricate spectrum management and coordination efforts for the regulatory bodies.

Another key challenge regarding multi-orbit constellations is that new space satellites operate at varying altitudes, resulting in complex orbital dynamics. Operators also must carefully plan the satellite trajectories to avoid physical collisions and maintain safe distances between satellites. Collision avoidance maneuvers and continuous monitoring are essential to ensure the safety and integrity of the constellation.

Veryfiling is a user-friendly EPFD calculation software aligned with ITU/FCC standards, for Satellite Operators and Regulators to get instant results.

Moreover, these new constellations generate vast amounts of data, and effective capacity and spectrum management are crucial to optimize resource use and prevent congestion. Satellite operators must strike a balance between optimizing their business plans and adhering to regulatory spectrum allocation rules.

Introducing VeryFiling Simplifying the Filing Process:

VeryFiling is a revolutionary EPFD calculation system that addresses the complexities of multi-orbit environments and simplifies the approval process for satellite operators or the regulation process for regulatory bodies. Designed to be user-friendly, the tool enables less skilled users to perform high-accuracy calculations with optimized processing times and to automatically generate comprehensive reports for regulatory compliance for the regulators who perform the pass or fail calculation report and proof for their decision.

One of the key features of VeryFiling is its speed and automation capabilities. By automating the EPFD compliance evaluation, satellite operators can swiftly test their constellations against ITU/FCC regulations and adapt them as needed before submitting requests for approval. This significantly accelerates the filing process, reduces waiting times, and empowers operators to make the necessary adjustments to their constellations.

As a web-based platform, VeryFiling allows multiple users to collaborate seamlessly within satellite operator teams. The tool’s intuitive interface makes it easy for users to access its features and perform EPFD calculations effortlessly, reducing the reliance on specialized expertise.

The swift pass-or-fail results provided by VeryFiling enable operators to quickly assess their constellation’s compliance status, facilitating informed decision- making and rapid iterations as well as fixing swiftly potential filing issues.

Compliance with ITU standards is a critical aspect of the approval process. VeryFiling follows ITU-RS 1503-3 standards, ensuring that no satellite exceeds the interference limits set by regulatory bodies. This alignment with international standards enhances the credibility of the filings and increases the likelihood of approvals.

Additionally, VeryFiling generates customizable, 100+ pages of PDF reports with detailed calculations, which experts use. These comprehensive reports allow satellite operators to confidently file applications to ITU, FCC, or other regulatory bodies. The minimization of the need for temporary expert staff streamlines the process further and reduces operational costs.


The journey to launch satellite constellations, especially in multi-orbit environments, can be daunting for satellite operators. However, with the introduction of VeryFiling, the EPFD calculation process becomes streamlined, user-friendly, and aligned with ITU/FCC standards. Satellite operators can now obtain instant results, optimize their constellations, and generate comprehensive reports, to pass in a fraction of the time previously required.

VeryFiling marks a significant leap forward in ensuring regulatory compliance and enables satellite operators to focus on delivering seamless and reliable global connectivity services to users worldwide.

Author Alvaro Sanchez is the Chief Executive Officer at INTEGRASYS.