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October 2023 Edition
Satellite Innovation2, Constellations, Systems Integration, Interference / Carrrier ID, New Space, New Comms, Perspectives
Executive Spotlight: Alex Kerschen, Chief Executive Officer, SLI
The structure of our business model is rooted in purchasing space assets in the ground segment, on-orbit and in the launch sector and leasing those assets to operators.
Unleashing The Power Of Software: Defined satellite capabilities come down to the ground game, Intelsat Editorial Team
Software Defined Networking, or SDN, is getting a lot of well-deserved adulation.
The Importance Of Satellite Trade Shows, Silvano Payne, Founder, Publisher and CEO, SatNews Publishers
Show heritage plays such an important role when considering trade shows and conferences.
ETL Systems The Role Of Technology — Delivering high-quality content, Andrew Bond, Sales and Marketing Director, ETL Systems
3.5 billion people worldwide are streaming Over- The-Top (OTT) content, while 5.46 billion are still using terrestrial TV and home video.
The Forrester Report #1: Ariane 6 delayed until ‘mid-2024’ at best, Chris Forrester, Senior Columnist & Contributor
The delays are likely to push the rocket’s first commercial launch toward the end of 2024.
The Forrester Report #2: Keith Ruport Murdoch: The end of an era, Chris Forrester, Senior Columnist & Contributor
Rupert Murdoch built his early broadcasting empire in the UK
Streamlining Satellite Constellation Filings...and new constellations to multi-orbit environments, Alvaro Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer, INTEGRASYS
With the advent of multi-orbit environments, the need for a comprehensive and user- friendly EPFD (Equivalent Power Flux Density) calculator has never been more critical
Meeting The RF Challenge of Smallsat Development in the Commercial Space Industry, Maria Calia, Director of Space and Missiles, Times Microwave Systems
Materials used within the RF cable significantly impact its performance.
A Conversation With Emile de Rijk, CEO + Founder, Swissto12
HummingSat, is compact enough to be launched to GEO on low-cost rideshare missions to Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO)
SSPI: Better Satellite World—Smarter mining by satellite, SSPI Editorial Team
We pull 18 billion metric tons of minerals from the earth every year.
Adressing The Digital Divide , Nimrod Kapon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Oasis Networks
A third of the world’s population does not use the internet, and in the world’s least developed countries.
Navigating the Waves—Unlocking Insights Through Maritime Data Comparison, Stacey Bruzzese, Content Marketing Manager, HawkEye 360
HawkEye 360 has developed an exceptional suite of Maritime Analytics based on radio frequency (RF) technology.
Engineering Design Trades—Selecting optimal Pressure Reduction Systems, Keith Brodek, Analysis Engineering Manager, Marotta Controls, Inc
Marotta’s analysis engineering team has developed an algorithm that enables quick-turn analysis, simulating pressure regulation response based on the application’s parameters.
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