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March 2023 Edition
March: 2023 - Satellites (All), Antennas/Terminals, Launch Services (All), Ground Services, Financing, Optics
InfoBeam I, Sidus Space • Maxar • Kacific + ST Engineering iDirect • Antaris™ JANUS-1
Industry news and perspectives by the editors.
InfoBeam II, Blue Origin • GapSat • SOS via satellite • Vyoma + EnduroSat
Industry news and perspectives by the editors.
Personal From Ken Peterman, Chief Executive Officer, Comtech, A new chapter and a new brand
The Comtech of today is agile and relentless in its quest
The Forrester Report: HAPS Are Flying High, Chris Forrester, Senior Columnist
Others believe these high-flying drones could still have an effective role to play in EO and ISR.
Executive Spotlight: Kier Fortier, Managing Director, Exolaunch USA
He has been involved in the integration and launch of more than 150 multinational small satellites on six different launch vehicles.
Hybrid Networks Hold Promise For A Better Connected Future, Kartik Seshadri, Vice President, Hughes
A hybrid network that integrates satellite, fiber and wireless transports into a seamless experience.
Satellite: An Essential Asset For IoT, Michael Minchin, Product Manager, IoT, ST Engineering iDirect
Satellite is exceptional in eliminating deficits in availability, reliability and accessibility.
A Conversation With... Alessandro Catania, Quality + Compliance Manager, 3DPRINTUK
We obtain a behind-the-scenes perspective on quality and validation from Alessandro Catania, Quality and Compliance Manager.
Getting NASA’s Artemis Off The Ground...By Floating Its Space Vehicles On Air, Devin Chandler, AeroGo, Inc.
With air casters, the payload is essentially riding on an airbag that isolates the structure from any vibration or shock loads.
Cloud Accelerates The Race To Virtualize Ground Stations, Wolfgang Berger, Senior Systems Engineer, WORK Microwave
A virtual ground station (VGS) solution allows for remote control of SATCOM, data processing as well as scaling operations
The Future Of New Space Ecosystems — Startups need to focus on these areas, BIS Research Analysts
Many startups are still attempting to secure the funding they need, while facing growing skepticism about their success.
Satellite NB-IoT: Useful for more than only the Internet of Things, Svend Holme Soerensen, Product Director, GateHouse SatCp,
The satellite industry is moving from traditional user cases toward IoT-oriented solutions.
The Future Of Remote Connectivity 5G + Satellites, Alastair MacLeod, Chief Executive Officer, Ground Control
What is the true value of a connected world?
Leveraging IoT Sensors For Smart Water Monitoring, Marc Pégulu, Vice President and General Manager, Semtech’s Wireless Sensing Products Group
Developing a predictive solution for water management is critical.
Realistic PNT Testing For LEO Constellations, Mia Swain, Product Line Manager, Spirent Communications
The challenge here is testing needs to be representative of the real- world operating environment.

A Novel Approach To On-Board AI — Klepsydra technology evaluation for space use, Isabel del Castillo, COO + Co-Founder, Klepsydra
A large number of sensors will produce data at rates that have not been seen before.
The Disruptive New Space Ecosystem, Alvaro Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer, INTEGRASYS
New Space and Non-geostationary (NGSO) Constellations are on track to secure more than $68 billion in revenue by 2029.
Space Systems Command: Why That Orbit?, Lisa Sodders, Space Systems Command Public Affairs Office
Orbit determination typically occurs in the early stages of design, weighing factors to optimize performance, resiliency, schedule and affordability.
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