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Launch Sector, Smallsats and more...
InfoBeam Part I, Information & News, by the Editors
News and Products of Note for SATCOM
InfoBeam Part II, Information & News, by the Editors
News and Products of Note for SATCOM
Focus on Africa, A Conversation with Sean McCormick of Globalstar
Sean McCormick, the Botswana-based Chief Executive Officer for Africa at Globalstar, shares the  satellite solutions that are assisting African industry to improve their operations and security as well as helping farmers and animal conservationists better protect livestock and wildlife.
Smallsat Futures: A Trends Digest Perspective, by Maureen Rhemann, Senior Exeucive and Strategist, Reperi Analysis Center’s (RAC) research arm, Trends Digest
Small satellites today have been a subject matter of great interest, and some intrigue. Their rapid growth rate, and ability to tag team with fellow spacecraft to take over workloads previously done by more expensive and elegant satellites, are at the root of current attention.
Innovation: Replacing a Dish Antenna With an Antenna , by Dmitrii Shubin, Shubin Satellites
The idea of replacing satellite dishes with flat antenna arrays (FAA) is not a novel idea.
The Forrester Report: Bedazzled by Bezels and Pixels—IP means the end of ‘conventional’ TV, Chris Forrester, Senior Contributor
The typical news from the two giant European technology shows in September — Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin and Amsterdam’s IBC — told it all and usually included IP and/or UHD/HDR somewhere in the headline. VR and 360-degree capture and display were also far from ignored. As usual, IBC’s Hall 1 was dominated by the world’s satellite operators.
The Coming of Age of Smallsats, A BIS Research Report
Imagine flocks of small satellites (smallsats), hundreds in number, orbiting around Earth right now… satellites that are the size of a youngster’s play action figures.
“Go For Launch!” — Spotlight on EXOS Aerospace Systems and Technologies , by David Mitchell, Co-Founder and President, and, John Quinn, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, EXOS Aerospace
EXOS is working through the process of completing a launch license with the FAA for the firm’s new SARGE Rocket — a launch date is planned for on December 9, 2017, from Space Port America in New Mexico.
Interorbital Preps for NEPTUNE Test Launch—and eleven smallsats will go along for the ride..., by Randa Milliron, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Interorbital Systems
In the High Desert of California, the nation’s proving ground (and airspace) for advanced space launch vehicles, and the HQ for many of the companies of New Space, Interorbital Systems (IOS) engineers are hard at work preparing for a critical milestone in the development of the company’s NEPTUNE Rocket series.
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