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InfoBeam Part I, Information & News by the Editors
News and Products of Note for SATCOM
InfoBeam Part II, Information & News by the Editors
News and Products of Note for SATCOM
InfoBeam Part III, Information & News by the Editors
News and Products of Note for SATCOM
Making More Money via Satellite, An SSPI Perspective
The mobile phone is much more than a status symbol in your pocket or a handy way to order take-away food. Around the world, it has become a powerful driver of economic growth. 
Innovation: Live Heart Surgery via AsiaSat 5, and AsiaSat 9 Testing, An AsiaSat Tech Focus
AsiaSat supported live transmissions of a heart surgery operation earlier this year in Hong Kong, providing medical practitioners who were attending a conference in Singapore the opportunity to see the procedures and techniques shown by experienced and skilled cardiologists.
Making Radio Waves Down Under: An EM Solutions Perspective, By Dr. Rowan Gilmore, Chief Executive Officer, EM Solutions, and Senior Contributor
A dry continent with huge expanses between urban centers is a great environment for radio communications and experimentation—that’s why ever since its early days, regional and outback programs in Australia such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service and School of the Air have relied on HF radio, and more recently satellite communications, to deliver their core services. 
Executive Spotlight: Piers Cunningham, Executive Vice President, Maritime, Speedcast
Piers Cunningham is the Vice President of Maritime Services for Speedcast International. Piers has more than 20 years of experience in the maritime communications sector with previous stints at SatComms Australia and Inmarsat. Based in Australia, he has worldwide responsibility for Speedcast’s Maritime Business Unit. He holds a Bachelor of Science with Honors from the Aldenham School in Hertfordshire, England.
The World’s Largest Island Nation? Satellites Provide the Answers, by Junio Doriez, Country Manager, Indonesia, Newtec
In a world where Internet access is coming to be regarded as an essential utility, not having access to broadband connectivity can severely affect the quality of people’s lives.
Innovation: Communications Are as Available as a View of the Sky. A Kymeta Perspective, by Bill Marks, Chief Commercial Officer, Kymeta
Today, connectivity is an invaluable commodity that has made the world smaller and smarter—people and businesses have immediate access to information, news, data, entertainment, communications and more.
Extending Mobile Coverage to the Australian Outback. A Gilat Satellite Networks Case in Point, by Doreet Oren, Director, Product Marketing, Gilat Satellite Networks
Mobile phone service most people take for granted; however, don’t tell that to small town residents of the Australian outback who, until recently, had never been able to use their mobile phones to make a call, check their Facebook account or consult an online map.
Delivering Connectivity to the Unconnected. An Integrasys, Optus and VT iDirect Case in Point, by Sivakumar Sandrasegaram, Group Leader, Product Engineering VSAT, Optus Wholesale and Satellite, and Alvaro Sanchez, Sales and Marketing Manager, Integrasys.
Today many countries select satellite for their rural connectivity needs, and for good reason. Satellite brings reliable connectivity with widespread availability, high performance, and lower cost. 
An Evolution in Satellite Access — H-DNA, A Comtech EF Data Product Focus
The Comtech EF Data Heights™ Networking Platform (H-DNA) is engineered to elevate business services with unparalleled horsepower, efficiency and intelligence. 
SatBroadcasting™: The Testing of SNG and OB Equipment Made Easy. An AtlanTecRF Tech Focus, by Geoff Burling, Chief Executive Officer, AtlanTecRF
In large satellite communications Earth stations and teleports with extensive control rooms, there is usually adequate space for the incorporation of RF and microwave Built-In Test Equipment (BITE) such as loop test translators, quality monitoring systems, signal generators, noise generators and spectrum analyzers.
More Access to Launches Is Required by the Smallsat Industry. An Orbital Access Perspective, by Stuart McIntyre, Chief Executive Officer, Orbital Access
Space is the new black... to say that the space industry is growing would be an understatement. According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, “Smallsat Market - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2014 - 2022”, the global smallsat market is expected to reach $7,2 billion by 2022.
Preparing for Congested Space. An SDA Focus, by Mark Dickinson, Chairman, The Space Data Association (SDA)
The space environment has changed drastically over recent years, with ever more satellites being launched at an astounding pace. This is, of course, leading to an ever more congested space environment and an increase in close approaches.
Ahead in the Clouds: The Growth of Aero Satellite Connectivity. An SES Perspective, by Andrew Ruszkowski, Vice President. Strategic Initiatives Mobiity, SES
There can be no doubt that 2016 was a good year for the aviation industry—a record 3.7 billion passengers took to the skies thanks, in part, to 700 new established travel routes as well as a $44 fall in average return fares. 
Innovation: The Mars Terraformer Transfer (MATT). Opening Mars for Exploration, Settlement and Commercial Development in 2036, by the Lake Matthew Team
“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” — G. B. Shaw
The Forrester Report: Mixed Messages. The SatelliteOTT Environment, by Chris Forrester, Senior Contributor
There are some extremely confusing messages from equity analysists and researchers as to the overall prospects for the satellite industry in regard to DTH transmissions and how soon those transmissions might be replaced by OTT ‘narrowcasters’. 
Geolocation Methods of Satellite Transmitters Using a Single GSO Satellite, by Erwin Greilinger, Sales and Product Line Manager, Siemens Convergence Creators
The increasing demand for satellite communication links has led to an increasing number of satellite signals as well as an increase in the amount of interference as a result of poor installations and misdirected antennas.
When Disaster Strikes, Today’s Teleports Keep You Connected. A COMSAT Perspective, by Guy White, Director of US Teleports, COMSAT
We’ve seen such happen all too often—large populations devastated by natural disasters through events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, fires and extreme weather.
SatPhones: The Commercial Fishermens’ Best Friend. A Globalstar Perspective, by Gavan Murphy, Director of Marketing EMEA, Globalstar
Commercial fishermen the world over face increasing pressures as they strive to make ends meet—whether it’s a family business owner with just a few boats dedicated to harvesting sardines off the coast of Spain, or a fleet that measures worldwide catches of tuna in the millions of tonnes, today’s competitive marketplace makes what’s already a tough job even tougher.
Innovations: The Versatility Satellite Communications. An AvL Perspective, by Krystal Dredge, Director of Marketing, AvL Technologies
Communicating with satellites is immensely versatile as there are so many options for applications, bands and service tiers.
The APAC Maritime SATCOM Market in Mid-2017. An NSSLGlobal Perspective, by Priya Patel, APAC Regional Director, NSSLGlobal

The Asia-Pacific region has always been an important hub for the commercial marine and shipping trade, and a region that NSSLGlobal has built a reputation for excellent satellite connectivity services and customer service.
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