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SATCOM Perspectives
InfoBeam Part I, World Teleport Association Tackles Cybercriminals • Virgin Orbit Demo Mission • Why the time for a cyber-range is now
Information & News by the Editors 
InfoBeam Part II, EGNOS navigation system contract to Thales • Euroconsult notes A COVID-19 setback • New SPOTX™ from Globalstar •
Information & News by the Editors 
Productive Isolation: A Forced Moment of Reflection, By Daniel Smith, Founder and Creative Director, AstroAgency
Space is an ever-increasing success story for economies around the world.
Executive Spotlight: Charles Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Lynk
Charles Miller is co-founder and CEO of Lynk. He is a serial space entrepreneur with 30 years’ experience in the space industry. 
Optimizing A CubeSat With Architected Materials: Designing for additive manufacturing enables higher performance and lighter weight, By Ryan O’Hara, nTopology
In today’s strategic information environment, the ability to rapidly respond to ever-changing technology needs is an essential asset for any organization that provides critical services to its customers.
Seraphim Space 2020 Predictions, Technological advances are overturning traditional models for operating in space.
Space is a $350 billion industry that underpins many facets of our everyday lives. In recent years a “SpaceTech” revolution has started to take place.
Driving Workforce Development + Economic Opportunity, The Space Foundation’s Center for Innovation and Education
Space is now home to the most dynamic and innovative economy on the planet.
Considerations Before Boarding The Digitalization Voyage, By Sandro Delucia, Commercial Maritime Product Director, Speedcast
The maritime industry faces a multitude of challenges to operate efficiently, safely and with complete optimization of operations.
Space Innovations Are Closing The Journey Of Distance and Time: Space can create a healthier, more efficient world, By Dr. Peter Wegner, Chief Strategy Officer, BlackSky Global
Imagine a moment in the not-too-distant future when another health emergency develops.
Satellite Technologies Empower Business Ops In The Northern Sea Route, The Northern Region is increasingly becoming accessible
In the current global trade environment, a focus on cost effectiveness and time optimization offer operational efficiencies as well as allowing businesses to gain a competitive edge, as well.
Bob & Doug’s Amazing Adventure Or, How a Dragon Returns Astronauts to ISS, America — Back in space! The launch of the SpaceX Demo-2 mission via a Falcon 9 rocket with astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley aboard the Dragon capsule.
A momentus day for the United States Space Program
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