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January 2020: IoT/M2M, COTS
InfoBeam Part I, Morgan Stanley Space Summit • Arianespace multiple payloads to orbit • Gilat’s In-Air ESA • Telespazio’s new control
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InfoBeam Part II, Sending smallsats spaceward • Millions in Isar Aerospace • Three launches, three continents, for Spaceflight • Talia’s African HTS • FSS capacity analysis published by Euroconsult
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InfoBeam Part III, Kacific1 launched by SpaceX • New fairing from RUAG Space • Satellogic $50 million in funding • Mitsubishi Electric is the Prime • The Space Economy Report 2019
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Forrester Reports: Time for mergers? , By Chris Forrester, Senior Contributing Editor
For the entirety of 2019 many of us were wholly focused on the four main satellite operators — Intelsat, SES, Eutelsat and Telesat — and how much cash they’d receive from the sale of their C-band spectrum over the U.S.
A Herd Day’s Night: SATCOM and IoT take safeguarding livestock to the next level, By Corry Brennan, Regional Sales Manager EMEA, Globalstar
The Internet of Things (IoT) has been the catalyst for a worldwide explosion of great ideas in recent years. These in turn have led to new solutions that solve real-world problems and improve people’s lives, businesses and the environment.
Is Satellite Technology Entering A New Lifecycle?, By Jo De Loor, Vice President Market Development and Strategy, ST Engineering iDirect
The satellite paradigm and the connectivity possibilities enabled by the technology are currently going through a major shift, with High Throughput Satellites (HTS) setting a new standard for the way operators deliver satellite-based services.
SATCOM IoT is Ready for Commercialization: Suppliers are lining up to deliver products and services for the growing IoT SATCOM market, By Per Koch, Business Development Manager, GateHouse Telecom
Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) is all around us. In our homes, at our job, and even in our pockets. From connecting our smart TV and cell phones to automating the production line at our job, IoT is permeating consumer markets and industrial production all over the world.
The Challenges for Satellite IoT: Why smallsat constellations are needed for the coming surge in the IoT/M2M markets, By Vytenis Buzas, Chief Executive Officer, NanoAvionics
The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing and impacting the life of almost everybody and everything. 
Understanding the Satellite IoT Opportunity, By Fabien Jordan, Chief Executive Officer, Astrocast
The new space race is heating up with leaders such as Starlink and OneWeb capturing the minds of the aerospace community young and old for broadband. While these efforts are showing enormous potential, there is something else that is driving the satellite market that promises to have large, immediate impact above the Earth and on the ground — and that is the Internet of Things (IoT).
Managed Cellular Backhaul is a Smart Business Choice for Mobile Operators, By Stephane Palomba, Vice President, Global Cellular Services and Regional Vice President, Asia, Speedcast
The latest stats from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) report that nearly half of the world’s population — more than 3.5 billion people — lacks internet access. While most of these people live in remote and rural areas, including mountains, deserts, and islands, they want to enjoy the same high-speed internet connectivity and mobile services as city-dwellers.
Focus: QB-Express, A NewSpace Launch Revolution
QB-EXPRESS is a new IOD/IOV program developed by LandSpace and Spectrum Aerospace Group that makes space accessible for all.
Satellite Empowerment for IoT/M2M: Helping new technologies reach their full potential, By Rashid Baba, Vice President, Product and Business Operations, Thuraya Telecommunications Company
As the world struggles with an unprecedented number of natural disasters as well as growing food and energy security challenges, governments are under growing pressure to come up with effective, tangible solutions. 
What Will Space Look Like... Tomorrow?, By Cara Morgan, Marketing Coordinator, X2nSat
SpaceX won the United States Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) approval to launch more than 1,000 satellites during the next six years
Two-Way, Lowest Cost, Lowest Power, Satellite IoT, By David Lyon, Rick Somerton and Mike Parr, eSAT Global, Inc.
The words ‘Satellite IoT’ or ‘Satellite M2M’ tend to elicit pained or dismissive reactions
Center Stage for SATCOM: IoT to transform the business world, A discussion with Nabil Ben Soussia, is the Managing Director – IEC Telecom Middle East and Kazakhstan Vice President – Maritime, IEC Telecom Group
The world of business is evolving as the Internet of Things (IoT) transforms global data collection.
The Year Ahead: Why 2020 holds a world of promise for satellite connectivity, By Dave Rehbehn, Vice President, International Division, Hughes Network Systems
The 2020s are gearing up to be the one of the most exciting decades in satellite industry history.
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