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SATCOM + Services
“New Space” Leads a Path on the Ground as well as in Space: How EO + GSaaS are Driving the Dynamic Ground Segment Transformation, By Greg Quiggle, Vice President, Product Management, Kratos
A new set of priorities to the ground segment
European Union to Seek Pan-European Broadband-by-Satellite System?, By Chris Forrester, Senior Contributor
EU calls for a resilient satellite system for secure connectivity… to make Europe fit for the Digital Age
Executive Spotlight: Grant Bonin, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Spaceflight Inc.
As a business development leader, Grant works at the crossroads of engineering, strategy and business development
First-To-Know Insights Fuel Commercial Opportunities, By Brian O’Toole, Chief Executive Officer, BlackSky
BlackSky is providing a new perspective on geospatial intelligence
Satellite Economics are Changing...the Future of Cellular Backhaul, By James Trevelyan, SVP Enterprise and Emerging Markets, Speedcast.
At a time when people are heavily relying on technology during a global pandemic, there are huge business opportunities opening up for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).
Will 5G and LEO Deliver Better Remote Connectivity?, By Will Mudge, Vice President, Engineering Operations, Speedcast
5G is the biggest buzzword of the day in the mobile industry.
A Conversation with Manik Vinnakota, Telesat, “How LEO networks are the key to true, global deployment of 5G”
 Manik Vinnakota is the Director, Product and Commercial, at Telesat
Wavelength: Overcoming the Digital Drought, Produced for SatMagazine by Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI)
For all of history, water has been the stuff of life
Africa Needs The Space Industry To Go Forward, By Anthony Penderis, Editor, African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment
The African continent is bound to become increasingly more dependent on the space industry
Connectivity in Africa, By Jean-Claude Tshipama Business Development Director, Konnect Africa
In Sub-Saharan Africa nearly 800 million people have no broadband internet access
SWIR Imaging in Space, By Mark Donaghy, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Raptor Photonics
Short-wave infrared (SWIR) is an interesting subsection of the electromagnetic spectrum
Innovation: 3D Printed Smallsat Deployer, By Matteo Levoni Bemposti, Engineer, Head of Reverse Engineering, CRP Technology
PocketQubes are “an exemplar of New Space research and innovation.
Why Investment is Critical for Satellite Innovation, By Joakim Espeland, Chief Executive Officer, QuadSAT
The SATCOM industry is full of exciting innovation happening right now
Satellite Antenna Diversity, As one of the pioneers in satellite ground communication DEV Systemtechnik supports matching solutions
The ever increasing demand for more bandwidth
Remote Connectivity—Striking the Correct Business Case, By Semir Hassanaly, Head of Celluar Backhaul and Trunking, ST Engineering, iDirect
Today, more than ever, people need connectivity and its mobile access that dominates this requirement.
Executive Spotlight: Marc Bell, Founder and Executive Chairman, PredaSAR
Marc Bell is the Chairman and Co-Founder of PredaSAR and Terran Orbital as well as the Founder of Marc Bell Capital and the Co-Founder of Armour Residential REIT
Scottish Space Leadership: How the Scottish Space Leadership Council is working to maximize the UK space sector’s potential, By John Innes, Chairman of the Scottish Space Leadership Council and Vice President of Technology at Leonardo, and, Daniel Smith, Founder of AstroAgency and member of the Scottish Space Leadership Council
There are innovative companies throughout Scotland collaborating to create a thriving commercial space sector.
The Story of West Virginia’s First Spacecraft, By John Dahlia, Director of Communications, TMC Technologies of West Virginia Corporation
West Virginia’s first spacecraft, Simulation to Flight-1 (STF-1), launched into orbit on December 16, 2018
Maintaining the Production of Satellite Electronics Post COVID-19 Using Social Distanced Testing, By Rajan Bedi, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Spacechips
Traditionally, testing is a manual, labour-intensive process
United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan Centaur — Forthcoming, The countdown to Vulcan Centaur continues at United Launch Alliance (ULA)
The cornerstone for Vulcan Centaur was successfully captured on August 7, 2020
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