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September 2020 Edition
The Forrester Report: Head-To-Head, By Chris Forrester, Senior Contributor
 Charlie Ergen is the co-founder (with his wife Candy and Jim DeFranco) of EchoStar and Dish Network and is a firm believer in the value of spectrum.
Executive Spotlight: Kevin Steen, Chief Executive Officer, ST Engineering iDirect
Kevin Steen is the Chief Executive Officer of ST Engineering iDirect, a global leader in IP-based satellite communications.
Center for Space Policy snd Strategy—The Value of Space, By Sam Wilson + Dr. Michael P. Gleason, The Aerospace Corporation
Think “space” and you picture NASA astronauts in puffy spacesuits floating weightless in an orbiting space station. Interesting, perhaps, but of little immediate consequence or value to you.
The Smallsat ‘Space Race’, By Jaume Sanpera, Founder and CEO, Sateliot
5G is postulated as one of the key technologies that will revolutionize all of our lives. 
Radio Waves + How Satellites Use Them, By Alex Miller, Editor, Viasat Corporate Blog
Understanding the basics of radio waves and frequency bands is key to understanding satellite internet technology.
Enabling Scalable + Affordable SATCOM Solutions, By Bill Nevius, Vice President + General Manager, Anokiwave, Aerospace/Defense Business and Paul Freud, Senior Advanced Systems Manager, Tactical Solutions Business Unit, Ball Aerospace
Satellite communications (SATCOM) is entering a new era.
Satellite M2M + IoT Networks: Increasing The Efficiency of Remote Monitoring Systems, By Rahul Papney, Principal Consultant, BIS Research, Inc.
Over the years, the satellite communication (SATCOM) industry has evolved significantly. 
When Disaster Strikes, By Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI)
 In life, it’s the connections that count.
Satellites... the Technology Letdown of the 21st Century? How to Prevent that from Occuring..., By Tim Arnold, Vice President of Corporate Development, Cytta Corporation
Satellites were the largest leap forward in communications since the hand radio.
Executive Spotlight: Stefan Gardefjord, Chief Executive Officer, Swedish Space Corporation (SSC)
Stefan Gardefjord began his career as an analyst/programmer at the Dow Chemical Company
IoT — The Data Deluge — Adapting The Satellite Ground Segment, By Andrew Bond, Sales and Marketing Director, ETL Systems
Autonomous cars, smart energy grids, smart cities and industrial applications have been on the cusp for decades.
SSPI Insights: A chat with Nicole Robinson, SES Senior Vice President
The Satellite and Space Professionals International (SSPI) association recently announced the appointment of Nicole Robinson, the Senior Vice President, Global Government, at SES Networks, as the organization’s new President
How Does Electric Propulsion Work? Why Does It Matter?, By Scott Tilley, Distinguished Engineer, and Ty Lee, Systems Engineer, Maxar Technologies
Maxar has built more than 30 spacecraft that have clocked more than 100,000 hours of active electric propulsion thruster operation in space.
GNSS — Multiple Platform Adaptability, By Ambroise Bidaux-Sokolowski, Artur Kobylkiewicz and Sebastian Wildowicz, GMV Innovating Solutions
 GMV Innovating Solutions, in cooperation with additional Polish entities, leads the development of the GNSS Software Defined Radio (SDR) Receiver (hereinafter called the GNSSW Receiver)
Executive Spotlight: Michel Dothey, Chief Commercial Officer, SatADSL
Michel Dothey has more than 30 years of experience working for several telecommunication companies that include SAIT Radio-Holland and RTBF.
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