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InfoBeam Part I, Information & News by the Editors
News and Products of Note for SATCOM
InfoBeam Part II, Information & News by the Editors
News and Products of Note for SATCOM
M2M: Leveraging Auto “Mobile” Data To Enhance Business Effectivness, By Cyril Zeller, Vice President of Global Telematics, Telit
With approximately 7.5 million units in service worldwide out of a total available market that is close in number to 300 million commercial vehicles, the Telematics industry shows huge business potential.
SatBroadcasting™: The ‘Big Three’ Analyzed..., By Chris Forrester, Senior Contributor
Each of the ‘big three’ satellite operators—Intelsat, SES and Eutelsat—issued their quarterly results at the end of October, a terrific opportunity to compare and contrast each firm’s progress. 
2015... A Year Of Unprecedented Promise For Satellite M2M, By David Wigglesworth, Vice President + General Manager, Americas + Global M2M Services, Iridium Communications
The industry is predicting monumental growth for satellite-enabled M2M over the next 10 years. In the near term, 2015 will be a pivotal year in the evolution of satellite’s role in M2M.
NSR Analysis: Big Data Moving Satellite M2M/IoT To New Heights, By Alan Crisp, NSR Analyst, Hong Kong
Transportation represents the lion’s share of the satellite M2M/IoT market, with more than 44 percent of total units and over 20 percent of total satellite M2M/IoT market revenues.
The Seven Oil & Gas Assets That Need Remote Monitoring, By Sue Rutherford, Vice President, Marketing, SkyWave
Operations at oil and gas sites require lots of equipment, and the complexity and cost involved to keep these sites operating can be challenging. Add remote distances with the drive for profitability and you have a potential operations nightmare.
Facing The Inevitable: The Challenges Of Inclined Orbit, By John Vezmar, Director of Technology, Viking Satcom
In a world that is constantly in motion, industries must find ways to accommodate the adaptation of obsolete products as well as the introduction of new, more advanced products.
Redefining Optimization + Efficiency In An HTS World... A Comtech EF Data Focus On Technology, By Steve Good, Vice President, Marketing, Comtech EF Data
When discussing the topics of “optimization” and “efficiency,” many in the satellite industry head directly to the ongoing bits/Hz and physical layer debate.
Tech Focus On A-SAT-II™, By John Landovskis, Vice President, PLM and Business Development, VSAT and Modem Products, Advantech Wireless
Throughout the evolution of satellite communications, various technologies have been presented as best suited to the users’ needs. 
The Gap—TDMA Versus SCPC... A Teledyne Paradise Datacom Focus On Technology, By Tony Radford, Vice President, Sales + Marketing, Teledyne Paradise Datacom
When the company launched Q-NET earlier this year under the portraiture of ‘Solving the VSAT vs. SCPC Dilemma’, I had no idea that this release would spark such vehement debate from some of my esteemed competitors who claim ascendancy when it comes to cellular-backhaul.
Greater Accessibility Capabilities For RFI Geolocation, By Dr. Rob Rideout, Director of Strategic Planning, SAT Corporation, a KRATOS Company
Radio frequency interference (RFI) has long been an issue that has to be managed by the satellite communications industry. This is an issue that will continue to grow as the demand for satellite bandwidth increases, driven by technology advances that, in turn, create new bandwidth-hungry applications. The issue was certainly of concern in 2014 and will definitely present a crucial challenge in 2015.
Smaller, Lighter + Efficient TWTAs: A Tango Wave Focus On Technology, The industry’s customer base is looking for high output power with less “attached” volume and weight.
SATCOM service providers and operators today want more power out of the uplink power—however, if they are operating within the guidelines of most satellite system standards, they will never operate above maximum linear power. 
Hybrid Satellite + Cellular Systems— Providing Certainty In Transport For OH&S, By Shane Murphy, Vice President + General Manager, KORE Wireless Asia Pacific
Over the last decade or so Australia, like many other countries, has moved to ever more vigilance in the safety of transport drivers, especially on long haul.
Executive Spotlight: Dr. Ali Ebadi, Senior Vice President, Space Systems Development, MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn. Bhd.
Dr. Ali R. Ebadi is the Senior Vice President – Space Systems Development of MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn. Bhd and member of the Radio Regulations Board (RRB) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). He has more than 30 years’ experience in the field of Radio Engineering, Spectrum Management and Satellite Communications besides being actively involved in ITU’s activities.
Shielding Schiaparelli: A Mini-Interview With Auréllen Pisseloup + Yann Mignot, Airbus Defence & Space, Aurélien Pisseloup heads up the advanced projects and orbital services in the ‘Orbital Systems and Exploration’ business division. Yann Mignot leads the Protection Materials and Advanced Processes Department.
These two professionals recently offered some thoughts regarding Airbus Defence and Space’ upcoming ExoMars mission and the work involved in atmospheric re-entry and heat protection systems for this mission in a mini-interview published at the company’s infosite.
Careers, The Road To The Future— Growing Your Business To The Next Level, By Bert Sadtler, Senior Contributor
Do you remember the 1984 science fiction movie “Terminator”? Think of the Cyborg Assassin as the singularly focused force determined to keep your business from growing.
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