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June 2022 Edition
APAC and Australasia Markets, Maritime, Airborne / IFC, Comms Equipment, Supports Services, Cyber Security
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News and Industry Observations Curated by the Editors
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News and Industry Observations Curated by the Editors
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News and Industry Observations Curated by the Editors
Tracking MEO Constellations With A Single Antenna, Kevin McMahon, Senior Director of Sales for Government and Defense Solutions, Cobham Satcom
The need for real-time communication and data sharing continues to increase.
The Forrester Report: The Industry’s Prospects for 2022 Now Look Much Better, Chris Forrester, Senior Columnist
Strong first quarter results and increased 2022 guidance provide a solid foundation for generating significant Free Cash Flow growth in 2023 and beyond.
Mastering The Challenges Of New Space Satellite Constellations, Tobias Willuhn, Marketing Program Manager, Aerospace and Defense Testing, Rohde & Schwarz
Making digital signal processing and active beamforming the norm
Executive Spotlight: Elias Naffah, Formulation Manager, Communications Services Project (CSP), NASA
The NASA Communications Services Project (CSP) is committed to pioneering the future of NASA’s near-Earth space communications.
Space-Based SDA Is The Future, An OpEd by Eric Ingram, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SCOUT, Inc.
Satellites of the future need to be more aware, more autonomous, and ideally operate within a modern space traffic management framework. 
Untapped Opportunities In Earth Observation (EO), James Perry, Executive Vice President, ASTERRA
There were 4,852 satellites orbiting Earth, of which 1,030 satellites are wholly, or partially, geared toward EO.
Focus: Viasat—Nomadic services can deliver internet on the fly, Jane Reuter, Marketing Communications Writer
Nomadic services provide portable, remote connectivity to virtually any location in the U.S.
Focus: Spire Global, Joel Spark, Co-Founder and General Manager, Space Services, Spire
The complex economics of satellite constellation remains one of the main barriers to building a successful business in space.
EU Space and the Arctic, Galileo, Europe’s GNSS
Climate change is causing temperatures in the Arctic Circle to rise twice as fast as anywhere else on the planet.
Focus: Orbital Sidekick, Methane detection and monitoring
News and Industry Obervations Curated by the Editors
Government Satellite Report: Securing Commercial Satellites Against Growing Adversarial Threats, David Presgraves, Staff Writer, GSR
The day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, commercial satellite internet provider, Viasat, experienced a mass outage.
Not All FEC Is Created Equal — Ensuring Error Free Transmission, Henrik Axelsson, Ph.D., President, KenCast
Modern Forward Error Correction is an effective digital signal processing technique used to enhance data reliability.
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