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SATCOM - Fresh Start
InfoBeam Part I, Arianespace Soyuz Launch Vehicle • China Drives Yaogan-33 Satellite To Orbit • Firefly + Adaptive Launch Solutions • A European owned, spacebased, communication system • Iodine Electric Propulsion + SAR Constellations • SENER Aeroespacial in Poland
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InfoBeam Part II, Antenna Systems + SDRs • Kymeta’s u8 Terminal Enters Beta Trial • Gilat Multi-Million Dollar Contract • AsiaSat Expands Media Solutions • Exolaunch Integrates 30 Smallsats for SpaceX • Asteroid sample found in Hayabusa2 capsule • Roscosmos Sues Their Subsidiary
Information & News by the Editors 
The Forrester Report: Can Europe’s Mega-Constellation Truly Happen?, By Chris Forrester, Senior Contributor
The European Commission (EC) is funding a one-year study into the prospects for creating its own Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) broadband-by-satellite constellation.
Prepare for Launch... A UK Space Sector Overview, By Daria Filichkina, Head of Operations, AstroAgency, and Alan Webb, the Director of Commercial Space Technologies Ltd.
In spite of the global economic freeze caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK space sector has continued to make strides across all aspects of industry and academia.
Why More Data is Critical to SSA, By Pascal Wauthier, Chairman, The Space Data Association
The space around Earth is filled with debris from hardware leftover from thousands of launches since mankind first ventured into space in 1957.
What’s Up with Ground?, A Kratos Constellations Conversation With NSR Analyst Shivaprakash Muruganandham
Shiva explains how the ground needs to become more virtual, software defined, and cloud-centric.
A New Era for Satellite Business Transactions, By Alvaro Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer, Integrasys
A new era in the satellite industry is now realized as the supply chain has dramatically changed following all of the lockdowns.
Focus: Craft Prospect Ltd., A Look @ 2020 and @ The Future
A new light on the Glasgow scene is Craft Prospect Ltd.
Africa Is Investing More In Space And Satellite Programs, By Space in Africa
More than $4 billion has been spent on satellite development in Africa
Today’s Thin Film, Flexible Substrates, Applying durable optical coatings
Gone are the days of designing a system exclusively around traditional, flat, rigid optical shapes. 
Smart Recovery from Disaster, An SSPI Better Satellite World Perspective
When disaster strikes, people’s lives are on the line.
Satellite Heat Exchangers, By Mark Norfolk, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Dan King, Production Engineer, Fabrisonic
These UAM heat exchangers have passed NASA Jet Propulsion Lab’s harsh testing criteria.
A Conversation With Chris Carella, Vice President of Business Development, Benchmark Space Systems
Revenue growth over 400 percent last year, and five milestone missions set to launch in 2021.
Overview: Satellite Data Services, By Allied Market Research
The aerospace industry encompasses the manufacturing of a wide range of spacecraft and aircraft products.
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