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Commercial SATCOM
InfoBeam Part I, Information & News by the Editors
News and Products of Note in SATCOM
InfoBeam Part II, Information & News by the Editors
News and Products of Note in SATCOM
InfoBeam Part III, Information & News by the Editors
News and Products of Note in SATCOM
Hybrid Satellite and OTT Solutions...for Africa’s evolving broadcast landscape, By Christoph Limmer, Senior Vice President, Commercial Development and Strategic Partnership, Eutelsat
Satellites are a particularly cost-effective way to reach large numbers of viewers, particularly in regions with widely dispersed populations and challenging environments.
Using Geospatial AI...to improve Indonesia’s urban green spaces, By Nadine Galle, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Green City Watch
Using Maxar’s high-resolution satellite imagery allows us to analyze any city’s parks and forests, anytime.
A Kratos Constellations Podcast Excerpt, The explosion in VC funding — following the money to space

...we’ve gone from a dozen or so privately funded space companies globally in 2009 to 435 as of today accounting for over $20 billion in investment.
A Failure To Communicate can result in lives lost..., By Henrik Nørrelykke, Vice President, Land Mobile, Cobham SATCOM

To preserve safety and protect as many lives as possible, rural first responders should be supported by satellite enabled Push-To-Talk extensions to their LMR radio
Tapping Satellite Technology: The EU Horizon 2020 innovation project and a vision, By Anders Brandter, Global Marketing and Sales at Forsway
To reduce the digital divide and to increase prosperity globally new low-cost broadband solutions are needed — now.
Your Space Startup: Tips for obtaining funding, By Jacqueline Bolton
Frequency Electronics Inc. (FEI) received a contract valued at $5.9 million from Lockheed Martin to qualify FEI’s Digital Rubidium Atomic Frequency Standard (DRAFS) for use on the new GPS IIIF satellites, according to GPS World.
Enhancing LandViewer, Change detection now runs in a browser
The major use of remote sensing data has been to compare images of an area taken at different times and identify the changes it underwent. With a wealth of long-term satellite imagery currently in open use, detecting such changes manually would be time-consuming and most likely inaccurate.
Seamless Radio: Ensured by ETL Systems and Pippin Technical , By Andrew Bond, Sales and Marketing Director, ETL Systems
With a mission as critical as connecting indigenous people, one thing clear for MBC is the need for a continual and consistent connection.
The Future of Connectivity, Polar telecommunications with smallsats
Polar activities have been steadily growing across a variety of industries, prompting concern on the ability for existing infrastructure to keep up.
The New Race for Space: There is a new race for space, which requires greater connectivity, more reusability and higher functionality, but above all else, lower cost., By Adam Arnold, European Division Lead, Optisys, LLC
The advent of Additive Manufacturing in general, and in antenna design in particular, seems largely set to give the new space race the efficiencies needed to allow advanced missions to other worlds as well as the next generation of communication infrastructures.
Space Debris...Do we need stricter regulations, or, do we trust self-regulation, By Hub Urlings, Founder of M2sat, and, Alexandra Sokolowski, Business Development Manager, Hyperion Technologies
The LEO space industry is in a hectic development phase. One after another constellation is launched, backed by generous funding by world billionaires. Their ambition and bank accounts seek equivalently ambitious large-scale programs looking at the sheer volume of spacecraft that are planned, creating scary visions of tens of thousands of satellites around the world, of which 15 percent potentially can become debris.
Very High Speed, Onboard Networks: The evolution of Spacewire, By Stuart Mills, Chief Executive Officer, STAR-Dundee
SpaceFibre offers much more than high data rates — the technology is capable of detecting, isolating and recovering from faults in the link where they occur and that prevents faults from propagating and causing further errors.
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