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July 2020 Edition
The New Realities Of Increased Network Traffic, By David Burr, Vice President, Business Development, Comtech EF Data
Telecom providers are dealing with unprecedented internet traffic volume during the current COVID-19 crisis as more people are working from home during lockdowns.
Three Trends Driving The Evolution Of Intelligent, Next-Gen Satellite Ground Systems, By Dave Rehbehn, Vice President, International Division, Hughes Network Systems
It is not an exaggeration to say that a satellite is only as good as the ground system it’s on.
Where’s My Stuff?, Satellite asset tracking is an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT)
It’s the moment you dread. You reach into your pocket or handbag—and your phone isn’t there.
Teleports: A Need for Speed, By Thomas Lovsin, Chief Technical Officer, STN
Everything has moved on an express high-speed digital highway and – being no exception — teleports accelerated and adapted.
Forrester Reports: Bonanza Time For US Satellite Builders, By Chris Forrester, Senior Contributor, Satnews Publishers
The C-band conversion process has resulted in a — probably — once in a lifetime boost to US satellite orders.
10 Years of Space Situational Awareness, By Pascal Wauthier, Chairman, Space Data Association
Ten years ago, satellite operators recognized a need to protect the space environment by the sharing of essential data for collision avoidance.
Executive Spotlight: Mike Carey, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, ATLAS Space Operations
Mike Carey, has been a vocal part of the satellite communications and technology industry’s dialogue since the onset of the worldwide push to work from home due to COVID-19.
Keeping Communities and Businesses Connected Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond, By Sulaiman Al Ali, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Thuraya
The world is witnessing a surge in demand for connectivity as a boom in remote working drives usage.
Executive Spotlight: David Hurst, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Orbital Transports
David Hurst is a technology innovator and entrepreneur, having founded multiple successful technology companies.
A Frontier Architecture For New Space, By Rob Andzik, President, AMERGINT Technologies, Inc.
The Road To Robust Navigation, Dr. Tyler Reid, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Xona Space Systems
During the past two decades, satellite navigation became revolutionary
The Role Of Space Technology In A Post COVID-19 Era, By Natasha Allden, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, MULTIPLY Global Ltd.
Words, such as bounce-back, rebuild, pivot, restart, are being used in articles, webinars and conversations in today’s day-to-day business world.
A Case In Point: Datadragon™ Galvanizes Squire Tech’s Mission Critical Solutions, Datadragon is an intuitive bandwidth management platform
Squire Tech’s wide portfolio of solutions have been deployed across a range of different scenarios from police departments to the energy sector, sheriff’s offices and construction companies. 
Old Space. New Tricks., By Dr. Mark Lake, Chief Technical Officer, Roccor
#NewSpace or #Space2.0 have become incendiary hashtags in social media and board room conversations around the aerospace industry.
LEO & The Impact On The Ground Segment, By Alex Donnison, Business Development Manager, ETL Systems
In recent months, the expansion of LEO constellations has created a consistent buzz within the satellite industry.
ID’ing Suspect Iranian Tankers Smuggling Crude, By HawkEye 360, with thanks to TankerTrackers.com and Planet
Sanctions enforcement and counter-smuggling operations are among the most challenging missions facing global navies. 
Protecting The Network Infrastructure That Depends On Time Dissemination From GNSS Satellites, By Greg Wolff, Senior Product Line Manager, Frequency and Time Systems, Microchip
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has described critical infrastructure as the physical assets and cyber systems that are so vital
How Does SATCOM Facilitate The Maritime Supply Chain, By Jon Harrison, Vice President and General Manager, Intellian Technologies
For many people, ships seem an incidental part of their reality. 
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