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SmallSats, Launches, Propulsion and more...
InfoBeam Part I, SpaceX Transporter-1 Launches • Eight Kepler Space Smallsats Rendezvous • D-Orbit’s ION SCV Laurentius Smallsat Launched • Hiber’s Green Propulsion Smallsat Launched • Exolaunch Zeitgeist Mission Takes Off • LiveEO Performs Satellite-Based Vegetation Risk Analysis
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InfoBeam Part II, Spaceflight SXRS-3 Takes 16 Smallsat Payloads To Orbit • Space Flight Laboratory Launches 12 Smallsats • KSF Space Foundation “World’s Cheapest Cubesat” • ISISPACE 53 Smallsats • A Half Century Connecting the World • Leaf Space’s Series A Financing • SpaceLink Adds SATCOM Leaders
​Information & News by the Editors 
Running The Numbers On The Commercial Satellite Industry, By Tom Zelibor, Chief Executive Officer, Space Foundation
The way commercial space and commercial satellites impacts every citizen has rarely been more evident today than it was in 2020.
Launching Toward A Resilient Space Industry: 2020 Highlighted The Dire Need for Increased Flexibility, By Grant Bonin, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Spaceflight Inc.
In 2020, the pandemic created massive disruptions, limiting access to space.
A New Age Of Connectivity, By john Finney, Chief Executive Officer, Isotropic Systems
This is the year of next-generation connectivity.
What Happens When...The Unconnected World Lights Up?, By Abel Avellan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, AST SpaceMobile
Half of the world’s population, nearly 4 billion people, lacks mobile internet access.
Ticket to Ride: Pioneering In-Space Mobility Will take More Than Innovative Propulsion, By Jake Teufert, Chief Engineer, Benchmark Space Systems
The smallsat revolution has driven an explosion of propulsion providers.
Orbit Congestion Encouraging the Growth of a Commercial SSA Market, By Charlotte Croison, Consultant, Euroconsult
Unprecedented quantities of new objects are launched every month in orbit.
Secure World Foundation (SWF): 2020 Year in Review, It was clear that we would have to adapt to the social distancing measures to combat the spread of COVID-19
Last December, Secure World Foundation (SWF) published a preview of the organization’s planned activities in 2020.
Spaceflight Inc.: 2020 Year in Review, In 2020, Spaceflight achieved key business milestones
At the beginning of the year, Spaceflight was scheduled to execute the most missions the company had ever done in one year.
How Iodine Electric Propulsion Systems Can Enable The Economic Sustainability Of Satellite Constellations., By Trevor Lafleur, Principal Engineer; Ane Aanesland, Chief Executive Officer; Laurene Richard, Technical Sales Engineer; and Dmytro Rafalskyi, Chief Technology Officer, ThrustMe
New innovative and cost-effective propulsion solutions are required.
Today’s Thin Film, Flexible Substrates, Applying durable optical coatings
Gone are the days of designing a system exclusively around traditional, flat, rigid optical shapes. 
New Space, A Shuttle For Global Economies, By Jaume Sanpera, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Satelliot
The space sector, or "New Space" as it is already known, is set to become one of the drivers of economic reconstruction after the end of the COVID crisis.
A Case In Point: 3D Printing Construction Of Flight-Ready, 1P PocketCubes, By Matteo Levoni Bemposti, Engineer, CRP Technology
US-based CRP USA manufactured three engineering models for Mini-Cubes.
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