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Satellites, Antennas/Terminals, Launch Services, Ground Services
InfoBeam Part I, Rocket Lab’s launch success • Get SAT and Hellas Sat demo • ICEYE US acquires a CEO • SSTL Lunar Pathfinder Mission
Information & News by the Editors 
InfoBeam Part II, EXOLAUNCH to lift Spire Global smallsats to orbit • Virgin Galactic makes a move • Accion Systems raises $11 million • Rocket Lab selected by NASA
Information & News by the Editors 
InfoBeam Part III, Maxar to build SPIDER • NewSpace Networks raises $200 million • ResponsiveAcess’ “One-Stop Shop” • C-COM and Isotropic complete Integration • 3.4 million euros for Kleos • Exotrail’s propulsion tech
Information & News by the Editors 
A Conversation with Dave Gallaher, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Scientist, Orbital Micro Systems
Dave Gallaher is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Data Scientist at Orbital Micro Systems and has more than 30 years of expertise in geosciences, IT technology and remote sensing technologies.
A Conversation with Dan Jablonsky, Chief Executive Officer, Maxar Technologies, by Wendy Lewis
On opening day of the fifth annual SmallSat Symposium, Dan Jablonsky, the CEO of Maxar Technologies, delivered The keynote address.
A Conversation with Christopher Richins, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, RBC Signals
SM Exec Spot lead bio;Christopher Richins is Founder and CEO of RBC Signals, a provider of global satellite communication “infrastructure as a service.”
A Conversation with Lieutenant General John F. Thompson, Commander, United States Air Force Space & Misile Systems Center, by Wendy Lewis
Lieutenant General John F. Thompson, Commander, Space and Missile Systems Center, U.S. Space Force Command, shared his perspective on the changing role of the U.S. Air Force SMC
A Conversation with Dr. Derek Tournear, Director, Space Development Agency, by Wendy Lewis
The final keynote address at this year’s SmallSat Symposium, which ran from February 4-6 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, featured Dr. Derek Tournear, the new director of the Space Development Agency (SDA).
A Conversation with Dirk Wallinger, Chief Executive Officer, YORK Space Systems
Mr. Wallinger is the CEO and Board Director of York Space Systems and is an industry expert with extensive experience as the Principal Lead System & Subsystem Engineer on multiple space vehicles, including GeoEye1, ORS-1, Fermi Gamma Ray Observatory, NFIRE, and numerous classified programs.
A First: In-Flight Connectivity with Gilat’s ESA Terminal, By Doreet Oren, Director of Product Marketing & Corporate Communications for Gilat Satellite Networks
The excitement aboard Honeywell’s Boeing 757 commercial test aircraft on December 11, 2019, was palpable. 
To GEO, or Not to GEO?, By François Gaullier, Head of Telecom Satellites at Airbus
The GEO satellite market has changed — while everyone likes to say they saw it coming, this was still a bit of shock to traditional, telecoms, market watchers.
Executive Spotlight: Tom Zelibor, Chief Executive Officer, Space Foundation
As Space Foundation CEO, Tom Zelibor leads one of world’s premier nonprofit organizations solely dedicated to supporting space activities, space professionals and education initiatives that open space access and opportunity for all. 
Dynamic Change in the Sky Requires a More Dynamic Ground, By Greg Quiggle, Vice President, Product Management, Kratos
The distance between satellites in orbit and systems on the ground can be measured in miles, but also technological evolution. 
SDA Observations: Preparing for the End of Satellite Life, By Pascal Wauthier, Chairman, the Space Data Association
According to a recent article, the next decade could see more satellites placed into orbit around the Earth than all of the satellites launched since Sputnik 1 in 1957. 
Spacecraft Ground Operations Benefit from Cloud Environments, By Crystalyn Koch, Marketing Specialist, Braxton Technologies
Historically, ground control operations evoke images of a bustling, fully manned room filled to the brim with expensive hardware. 
On the Matter of Interference: An AvL Insight, By Bryan Kerns, Director of Strategic Business Development and Information Technology, AvL Technologies
Interference can mean many different things in SATCOM. For VSAT ground stations, three major contributors can be applied to both GSO and NGSO satellites in similar ways.
TriSept Brings Launch Integration Expertise, Collaborative Focus to UK Space Market, By Paul Sims, Principal, Sims Communications
TriSept’s launch integration services director Jason Armstrong met with a broad mix of UK-based tech firms this month on the Harwell Space Campus, confident he and CEO Robert Spicer had found the right fit in the firm’s endeavor to help grow the UK space initiative. 
Extending the Limits of RF Over Fiber in the Ground Segment, By Richard Jacklin, Director, ViaLite Communications
RFoF is a technology that has been widely used and accepted in the satellite communications and broadcast industries for at least a couple of decades to move radio signals over fiber optic instead of coaxial cables. 
Needed: A Paradigm Shift in SatIoT Constellations, By Rob Spurrett, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lacuna Space
The connection of sensors and equipment to the internet, also known as the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at an exponential pace. 
The Decade of Space-Based ADS-B, By Cyriel Kronenburg, Vice President of Aviation Services, Aireon
For years, we’ve talked about how big data and technology are transforming the nature of every industry, from manufacturing to logistics and energy. 
Smaller and Lighter: Good Enough?, Mobile applications demand compact packaging.
Size and weight are important factors in mobile and tactical satellite terminals. 
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